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InstaWP Live

Hosting service truly optimized for WordPress

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In 2021, we solved staging for WordPress. Over 30,000 people now use InstaWP to "instantly" launch WordPress dev sites. Today, we solve WordPress Hosting - experience the joy of hosting with InstaWP Live - secure, reliable, fast and integrated with InstaWP!

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Hey Friends, This is our second launch, we did the first one in 2021 and was pleasantly surprised with 2nd Product Of The Day for InstaWP! Thanks everyone for supporting us so far. I love WordPress! but before I started InstaWP, it always pained me how difficult it was (back then) to build on top of WordPress. You had a to go through hoops to get a website to even play around with. My goal with InstaWP was simple - to simplify building with WordPress for everyone! We started offering dev or staging sites, which you can literally launch in seconds with just an free account. Everyone seemed to love the simplicity and speed of launch! Sorry, it took few words to get to the point. Today, we are launching our next chapter, it is called InstaWP Live - a service completely optimized for hosting WordPress websites. Built for speed, security and reliability inside and out. InstaWP Live a WordPress managed hosting, unlike a shared hosting or "cloud" hosting. We do all the heavy lifting of managing servers and making sure they are up and running. Some of the features include: 1. Per site CPU allocation. 2. Per site DB allocation. 3. In-built CDN 4. In-built WAF (for security) 5. Hourly DB Backup 6. Daily Files Backup 7. Edge Caching 8. Managed WordPress 9. Guaranteed Uptime 10. Advanced Tooling So, if you are looking to launch WordPress websites or looking for a new (secure, reliable and fast) home for your existing websites, give InstaWP Live a try!

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Cool product! Upvote for your great work. That looks really impressive, congrats! Looks cool! Great work Nice! Really like the availabilities sharing feature Woooooooo this is so great!🤩

Congrats on the launch @vikas_singhal ! InstaWP has been a gamechanger for me and the team and I'm excited to explore these new features :)