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The missing link between icons & illustrations

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Discover 1100+ ready to use ilcons, the essential bridge between icons and comprehensive illustrations. This iconic, hand-drawn library offers miniature spot illustrations, perfect for crafting unique designs on your website or app.

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Hello Product Hunt Community ✌️ Meet ilcons 1170+ icons - The missing link between icons and illustrations! For years we've been having customers asking for icons that are too detailed, or illustrations that are small and minimal .. this is it, we found the balance. Ilcons redefines Spot illustrations/icons, blending humor and clarity in each design. These exquisite, hand-drawn spot illustrations feature a single accent color, customizable to align seamlessly with your brand. After nearly a year of dedication, we've rolled out Ilcons in a series of Chapters. Each chapter introduces fresh categories, and we're committed to adding new ones weekly! Ilcons Package Perks: ✅ Over 1170 Vector Illustrations ✅ Formats: Ai, Figma, ready-to-use PNG, and Iconjar library ✅ Fully Editable Vectors ✅ Commercial Use License Exclusive Offer for Our Product Hunt Family: Enjoy a special 25% discount on our 22,000+ illustration bundle. Use the code: HUNTERS25OFF at checkout. But wait, there's more! As a bonus, receive 2300 additional Icons from Atlas Icons, absolutely free! 🔌 Claim your free icons here: We're deeply grateful for your support on this creative voyage. May "ILCONS" ignite endless creativity in your endeavors. All ilcons Chapters: ✅ Chapter 1 : ✅ Chapter 2: ✅ Chapter 3: ✅ Chapter 4: ✅ Chapter 5: Warmest regards, 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻 Ramy, Krishna & the Team

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good product, Congrats on the launch 🚀 Love the user-friendly experience and unique features. Great work!😎

@ramywafaa Wow, ilcons sounds like a treasure trove for anyone needing that perfect balance between detailed icons and minimal illustrations! 🎨 I'm curious, how do you ensure that each design maintains both humour and clarity? Also, with the weekly additions of new categories, how do you decide which themes to introduce next?

Congrats for the launch! This is cute, simple, yet creative set of illus you have there!

These looks great, I will definitely consider getting them if I need any visuals for my website!

ilcons seems like an amazing tool for designers! The concept of bridging the gap between icons and illustrations is so innovative. Keep up the great work!

this seems a friendly and thoughtful tool for designers. Looking forward to drawing something with it!

It's a pleasure to showcase on our platform, OpenDigg(! Your innovative approach to blending icons with comprehensive illustrations through the creation of "ilcons" has truly captivated us. With over 1100 ready-to-use, hand-drawn spot illustrations, you've provided a unique and essential resource for designers and developers looking to craft unique designs on their websites or apps. The versatility and creativity of your library are unparalleled, offering the perfect solution for anyone seeking to add a touch of personality and distinction to their digital projects. It's impressive how these ilcons serve as an essential bridge, simplifying the design process while elevating the aesthetic quality of any project they're part of. We're excited to share with our community on OpenDigg(, a platform dedicated to curating the best AI and digital design tools available. Your contribution stands out as a valuable asset for our users, who are always in search of innovative solutions to enhance their work. We believe in the power of creativity and the importance of providing the right tools to unleash it, and is a perfect example of this philosophy in action. Thank you for bringing such a remarkable tool into the spotlight, and we look forward to seeing more designers and developers benefit from your exceptional ilcons. Keep up the fantastic work, and remember, OpenDigg( is here to support and promote innovative tools like yours that make the digital design world a more vibrant and engaging space.

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