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Keep your ChatGPT conversations secure and private

Artificial Intelligence

Enjoy a ChatGPT-like experience with enhanced privacy and security. Our innovative masking technology ensures your sensitive data stays hidden, allowing GPT to understand the context without exposing your confidential info.

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Thank you for hunting our story @kevin ! It truly means a lot to us! Hello PH Community 👋, I'm thrilled to present to you Speaking of safe AI, I had this eye-opening chat with a friend in HR who painstakingly scrubbed personal information before feeding any data to ChatGPT. It struck me – there has to be a smarter, automated way to handle this! That's exactly how the idea for was born! Imagine it like a virtual shield that effortlessly scrubs sensitive data before sending your data to AI /LLMs, keeping privacy and security top-notch. We believe using our powerful AI tools could be a game-changer for everyone. 🔥Our Vision: We started our company,, with the vision of engineering data privacy and security into every product. GPTGuard is one milestone in our journey. Visit us at 🎉Exclusive Offer: Join us in this journey towards secure AI - we're offering an exclusive free trial of GPTGuard! Pls try GPTGuard and share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you all. Thank you!!

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Congrats! Safety and privacy are indeed concerns for users, but what I don't quite understand is, do users need to store their private information in your product

Enhance your ChatGPT interactions with GPTGuard, prioritizing privacy and security through innovative data masking technology for peace of mind.

Making everything easy was a step many were proud and now increased security would have been the next worry but the guard in place it eliminates any left doubts. Good job @ GPT Guard is an improvement in save guarding privacy and security, kudus to the project.

@prem_santh1 We appreciate your recognition of the importance of privacy in leveraging AI like ChatGPT. We'd love for you to give a try and share your feedback. Your support means a lot! 👍

Congratulations on the launch of this project...I believe this will go a long way in aiding the tech world

Thank you for your support! 😊 We're glad you appreciate the importance of privacy in AI.