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Generate the perfect profile picture for you, in any style

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First impression matters when you meet people online as well. Easily turn your own selfies into awesome headshots with any style at studio quality with AI. Be the best of yourself on any social media.

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Hey Product Hunters!👋 I'm Cara, and I'm thrilled to introduce Gemix – a Social Media Profile Picture Generator. Gemix is designed to create profile pictures for various social media platforms. Imagine you're on the job hunt, eager to make a great first impression with a photo that showcases your best self. You book an appointment at a local studio, wait days for your shoot, only to have 2-3 outfit options. After more waiting, you see the final product, which may not be entirely to your liking, accompanied by a bill that stings a bit. But with a job application deadline looming, you settle. Why Gemix? 🤔 We aim to offer a simple way to generate different styles of social media profile pictures. Just prepare a few of your casual photos, and with a few clicks, you can create images for Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, and more. Gemix lets you access about 50 different styled images at once. You can comfortably match the photo to your style and social media narrative. The whole process takes just minutes, saving you the time spent queuing, shooting, communicating, and editing photos. Key Features: ✨ 🔥 LinkedIn Profile Picture: Present a great demeanor and confidence, standing out among competitors. 🔥 Tinder Profile Picture: Show your personality and increase your match rate. 🔥 Business Profile Picture: Instantly create images needed for company websites, business cooperation, and exhibition participation. Your Outcome: 🚀 ✔️ Spend less time on designing, shooting, and editing profile photos. ✔️ Display a great demeanor and personality, expanding your social connections. ✔️ High cost-effectiveness, with fees at just a fifth of the actual shooting cost. Our Goal: 🌟 To help everyone in need of a high-quality social media profile picture to easily, simply, and quickly generate satisfactory photos, confidently taking the first step in online socialization. 👉 Discover the confident world of online socializing with Gemix, and let us know what other social media profile pictures you'd love to have. Product Link:

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I'll definitely use it for my social media profiles! It helps to save a lot of time and it seems very easy to use. Great idea!

When you say there’s a user choice between biometrics login and 1-click login - at what stage does the verification happen? Cool product! Keep innovating team! There are so many apps that need an alternative login process. Passwords are outdated.

Awesome product! How are you marketing this at the moment apart from PH? Interesting approach to signing in securely. What inspired you to create this? I’d love to hear some of your pain points that you’ve faced in the past that motivated you to create this? :)

Thank you all for unvoting and we won 5th place on the 2.06 list. To thank you for your love, we're ramping up new features that you love. Thank you for your kind words and recognition. We are excited to share with you some interesting photos generated by our team. Any interested? we would appreciate your feedback on the Gemix experience.🥳