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Free Calendar Dashboard

Get your schedule recap in 3 minutes


Meet Free Calendar Dashboard empowered by that displays all your Google Calendar insights. Check and filter your focus time, meetings, vacations, meeting organizers, and other events. It's fun, free, and easy to set up.

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Hi everyone! 👋 I’m happy to present to you our Google Calendar dashboard created by the team. 🤖⏳It can summarize and visualize data from your calendar automatically in just 3 minutes. 🤔 And, most importantly, it can give you the answer to the eternal question “where did all my time go?” 📊 Find out how many hours you spent at meetings last year, how much focus time you had, how many days of vacation you took, and more. 🧘 Discover who controls your schedule and organizes most meetings. And, of course, see how these insights can help you manage your time better in 2024. The Calendar Dashboard is very easy to use: 1️⃣ Follow launch link to start extracting data from your calendar 2️⃣ Plug in your Google account 3️⃣ Connect to Looker Studio 🔍 These 3 steps usually take about 3 minutes. After this, you will get a dashboard with your Google Calendar data. And then, the moment of truth… Your calendar knows what you were doing last year, and now you will know too! 🚀 One last thing… Share your results with your colleagues and see who had the most meetings 💪 Many thanks from our team, and have fun!

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Congrats on the launch Ivan and team! Really cool dashboard to get insights into your schedule and meetings. It gave me some ideas for managing my time in the future :)

Bravo to Free Calendar Dashboard's team. The official yet upbeat tone makes keeping a calendar enjoyable. It's a great option for effortlessly managing Google Calendar insights because of its quick results and simple setup. A vital tool for managing meetings, vacations, focus time, and other things. Can we see a notion calendar integration in this too? aivan_burban

For users of Google Calendar, Free Calendar Dashboard is revolutionary. The experience is made more positive with it's the ideal tool for tracking concentrate time, meetings, vacations, and more because to its quick results and simple setup. An essential tool for effective calendar insights! Congrats @ivan_burban ✨

Congrats on the launch @ivan_burban ! Before, my Google Calendar was a disorganised maze of deadlines and appointments. However, Free Calendar Dashboard is my go-to tool for slicing through the chaos and highlighting the elegance of my schedule. I can now view my workload clearly, organise my days more effectively, and even spot nefarious time wasters. One event at a time, it's like having a personal calendar whisperer clearing out clutter in my life.

With this tool my meetings, deadlines, personal time - it's all there, color-coded and organized like a rainbow symphony. This dashboard is my secret weapon for staying on top of my game, juggling my priorities, and even sneaking in a few "me-time" moments. It's the perfect blend of fun and functionality, like a productivity party in my pocket! Ps : can we add a collaborative feature @ivan_burban ?

My Google Calendar used to be a chaotic jungle of appointments and deadlines. But with "FDC" hacking through the confusion and revealing the beauty of my schedule is so easy. Now, I can see my workload with laser focus, plan my days more efficiently, and even identify sneaky time-wasters. It's like having a personal calendar whisperer decluttering my life one event at a time. Kudos on the launch @ivan_burban ✨

Hi Ivan, what a fantastic tool you've brought to life! The idea of understanding where our time really goes is invaluable. I'm excited to see my calendar insights laid out so clearly. Kudos to the team for making time management more accessible and less time-consuming. Can't wait to dive in and share the results with my team. Cheers to managing our time better!

This tool has turned my schedule into a delightful playground of data and insights. I love filtering my calendar by specific task and plotting my productive hours to maximize my deep work. The pie charts and colourful bars make tracking my activities a joy, not a chore. Plus, it's completely free! Great work @ivan_burban !

I cant believe how good this tool is, now I can check my focus time, meetings, vacations, and even meeting organizers with a single glance. I t's like having a calendar ninja whispering productivity secrets in my ear. Plus, the setup was a breeze - faster than slurping down my morning coffee! @ivan_burban ✨