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Fotor AI

The ultimate all-in-one AI photo editor, for free

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No more switching or struggling with complicated AI tools. Fotor is your ultimate AI photo editing toolbox: remove background, generate photos, unblur images, and many more! Design and edit photos in any way you want, as simple as breathing, and all for free!

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Hi ProductHunt community! 🎉 My name is Tony, founder at Fotor. As a photo editing enthusiast, I often found myself frustrated with the complexity of various editing programs. This inspired me to develop Fotor, an all-in-one platform designed to simplify the photo editing process. With just one click, Fotor allows users to achieve their desired visual effects effortlessly. Leveraging AI technology, Fotor has evolved into a versatile visual production and creation tool, offering limitless possibilities. Through Fotor, you can: ⭐Perform basic image editing tasks such as cropping, color manipulation, and sharpening. 💫Utilize AI one-tap editing for picture enhancement, background removal, and object removal. 🔆Access over 100,000 eady-to-use templates and creative content for graphic design and photo collages. 🐱Generate AI arts using AI text-to-image or image-to-image mapping. We understand the significance of visual impact in both personal and professional spheres. Therefore, we are committed to continually updating and improving our technology to deliver the best possible products to our users. So, experience the simplicity of photo editing with Fotor and create stunning visuals with just a single click today! 🚀

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Congrats for the launch. It's one of my favorite apps on photo editing. Also it's provide clean and efficient editing of the images.

Hey Tony and the Fotor team, I just had to drop by and express how impressed I am with Fotor! Your AI photo editing toolbox is a game-changer. It's incredible how it simplifies photo editing tasks and brings professional-quality tools to everyone's fingertips, for free. As someone who curates AI tools on Opendigg(, I'm genuinely excited to feature Fotor. Your commitment to making photo editing as simple as breathing really shines through. Cheers to making visual creativity accessible to all! 🚀