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AI-powered devs

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Fine's AI agents are software developers that never sleep. They understand business requirements, analyze your codebase, plan, generate code, and even test your app. Let them handle the tedious tasks and achieve your goals with unparalleled efficiency.

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Nice! very interesting idea - Feel free to use our tool to collect product feedback from your customers 🚀

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Hey @hajongler @benln Really impressed with Fine's vision of streamlining software development! Automating tasks from planning to testing is a game changer I was thinking what if Fine integrates a feature that enables the tool to automatically detect and adapt to the developer's coding style preferences? This would not only improve the readability and maintainability of the generated code but also reduce the time developers spend on customizing or refactoring the AI-generated code to fit their style guidelines.

Good luck fine! Have been following for a while. I'm excited for your guys' launch!

Very cool and practical demo. It's like a Jira, but a Jira that can implement its own user stories 😆 Good luck folks!

Been following the Fine team since the early days. Very excited for this launch. This coding agent is really going to be a game changer. Congrats!