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Easy-made personal branding

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An easy-to-use platform to design your personal brand in minutes and start creating on-brand visual content to stand out and elevate your online presence.

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Hello Product Hunters! 👋 I’m Jorge Medina and I’m super excited to be launching here in Product Hunt! Our goal is make it as easy and accesible as possible for anybody to create their personal brand and visual content to start standing out online and have their voices are heard. Most people aren’t designers, but there are many people with important things to say. And to be heard, they need a way to cut through the noise. And that thing is personal branding ✨ How so? Let me share a few stats with you: - 70% of hiring managers say that a strong personal brand is more important than a strong resume - 60% of consumers are more likely to do business with a freelance or company that has a strong personal brand - 57% of consumers say that they would pay more for a product or service from a freelancer or company with a strong personal brand So, what does easybranding do? 🎨 Design your personal brand in minutes. You just select a graphic style from our library and customize the colors, fonts, and messaging. In return you get an eye-catching avatar and a set of social media banners that work consistently across X(Twitter), LinkedIn, and Youtube. 🗂️ Effortlessly create on-brand visual content. Once your brand is set you get to create content with ready-made templates that follow your brand style. That way you can start growing your influence with a consistent identity that works across platforms. And this is only the beginning. In the next few weeks we will be including: - Many more graphic styles - More branded assets; LinkedIn page banner, Facebook banner, email signatures, and many more. - More image content types - Video content --- There are currently three options: - Use it for FREE with the watermark - Pay-per-use for a set of banners to upgrade your social media profiles - Subscribe to Easybranding PRO and get unlimited downloads and all future updates. --- Easybranding is a #buildinpublic product. I share our updates regularly and we integrate customers feedback in a heartbeat. Even if you’re not ready to commit to us, come follow our exciting journey on X! Can’t wait to read all of your comments and ALL feedback is welcomed! Thank you for being here! 💛

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Congratulations, big achievement Great success guys, well done Something very much needed! Thanks for making and good luck with your launch AWESOME✨

Hey @thejorgemedina is really cool, simplifies personal branding significantly! The streamlined process for creating on-brand content is noteworthy. In fact incorporating user feedback into the design process could enhance its utility even more. Tailoring features based on user experiences might provide more personalized branding solutions. All the best :)

Huge congrats on the launch @thejorgemedina ! Easybranding is amazing and I've been recommending it every chance I get!

it's a very interesting thing that creating a user-friendly platform for everyone & helping them to create their own personal brand is really a amazing thing. Congratulations on your launch

good product, Congrats on the launch 😊 Love the user-friendly experience and unique features. Great work!

congratulations on the launch @thejorgemedina I have been procrastinating on my personal brand for so long, this will get me started..

Just love how easy it is to change styles across different social media platforms!