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Tired of the same boring results from other AI Website builders? Build websites that make you go 🀯 with the #1 AI website building platform

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Hey Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ I'm thrilled to hunt and introduce Dorik AI to you all today πŸ₯³ Big kudos to the founders Mizan, Anwar and our entire team for building this Dorik AI is a new addition to the world's friendliest website builder. Just type a prompt and generate websites in seconds! It's as simple as that. Spotlight features include: πŸ‘‰ Generate sites with AI in any language πŸ‘‰ Regenerate pages or designs πŸ‘‰ Improve copy with AI πŸ‘‰ Generate Illustrations or Images with AI In collaboration with our recent big update Dorik V.03, Dorik AI is going to change your website building experience forever! πŸ”΅ Join our community - πŸ”΅ Inquire us for partnerships - [email protected] πŸ”΅ Become our affiliate - πŸ”΅ Ask us anything- [email protected] πŸ”΅ Have a feature request? Add it to our public roadmap -

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I remember creating my product fellowship project with Dorik. It was a life saver!! Congratulations on the launch @abrar_sami1

Corey Daniels Awesome product! How are you marketing this at the moment apart from PH? Congrats for your share, thanks ?makers Thanks for sharing your product ?makers Great launch πŸš€! I love the idea. Cool product! Upvote for your great work. That looks really impressive, congrats! Looks cool! Great work

Best wishes to Dorik. As a user of their non-AI builder, I find it quite functional, though there are some areas that could use improvement, which I'll detail shortly. First, I'd like to acknowledge the commendable aspects: Dorik is committed to the continuous improvement and maintenance of their product, ensuring it doesn't just fade away after an initial burst of startup enthusiasm. Their collection of templates is impressive, and the consistent addition of new ones deserves a shoutout to their design team. It's also promising to see their active engagement on their Facebook page. The ability to create custom collections, similar to Wordpress's custom post types, proves Dorik's versatility as a CMS. However, there are some unresolved concerns I've previously highlighted. Dorik's platform lacks advanced sorting options for listing Collections based on admin-selected criteria. For example, if you have a collection of Lisbon restaurants and want to sort them by ranking, this isn't possible, which I see as a significant shortcoming. Additionally, the platform doesn't support creating relationships between collections (one-to-one, one-to-many, etc.), nor does the list functionality provides tools allowing the end-users (visitor) to filter the list, which could enhance user experience.

This solution really caught my eye. One of the really useful use cases for AI. Question: how easy is it to add more pages to a generated website without changing parts that have already been generated? How is it ensured that the new pages adopt the look and feel, but also the structure, of the already generated website?

Dorik AI sounds like a game-changer for website building! Could you share more about how AI works in generating websites? Is there any control over the style or theme of the generated sites? And how does Dorik AI integrate with Dorik V.03 to enhance the overall website-building experience?

I just tried it. Your prompt needs to be more exact and technical and not too general to get what you want or better approximate what you want. I s there an affilaite program for this.

Congratulations! Dorik is once again in the spotlight. As an early adopter of Dorik CMS, I take pride in Team Dorik's accomplishments. However, the AI feature is currently in its early stages. The content generation speed is a bit slow and the generated content is quite ordinary. I believe there is definitely room for improvement. I look forward to seeing Team Dorik's ongoing efforts in this area.

Can i build backend/frontend with Dorik? I want a complete functioning SaaS service ?

Dorik AI is a game-changer in website building. The ability to generate stunning websites from a simple prompt is mind-blowing. I love how it offers features like generating sites in any language, regenerating pages, improving copy, and even creating illustrations or images with AI. This platform is a breath of fresh air in the world of website builders, and I can't wait to see how it revolutionizes the industry. Kudos to the Dorik team for this incredible innovation.

I am looking forward to using this because web design is not one of my strengths. This could help me a lot. Congrats on the PH launch!

Congratulations to the Dorik AI team on the launch of their innovative website builder.