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Digital sales room for consolidating, sharing, and tracking

Customer Communication

Tired of chaotic emails, scattered information, & messy attachments? Customers feel it too. Cut through the clutter with Deallab - a central hub for seamless communication. Wow customers, save time, and win more with DealLab! 🚀

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Hello Hunters 👋 We’re super excited to introduce DealLab, a digital sales room for sellers to work directly with buyers and easily consolidate, share, and track information… our goal? To make buyer / seller communication as frictionless as possible so you can save time and make more money. Why we built DealLab - Problems we see today When working with customers do you find that the email threads, links, attachments, and overall communication tends to get messier and messier? Does it get more difficult to keep track of where each conversation is? We started to find this disorganization increasingly more time consuming and frustrating. On top of that, as more information is available now than ever, we’ve found that buyers are getting overwhelmed, often leading to buyer fatigue & choice paralysis. As a result, many buyers never end up making purchase decisions and sellers miss out on new opportunities. With the growing trend of buyers not wanting to hop on calls or speak directly with sellers, sellers face massive communication hurdles. Why try Deallab? 1. Get organized (for both you and buyer) 2. Save time (for both you and buyer) 3. Gain insight into the strength of your deal 4. Better serve your customers 5. Shorten sales cycles 6. Improve win rates Who is DealLab for? - Sales teams & reps - Founders - Small businesses - Freelancers - Anyone who needs to educate their customers How to use Deallab: 1. 📝Setup Dealroom: Create a centralized space with personalized content for your customers, including tailored value propositions, marketing collateral, and embedded videos, etc. 2. 🔗Invite Customers: As you wrap up a discovery call, present your Dealroom and invite customers with single-link access. Empower them to then easily share the Dealroom with their teammates to keep their entire team looped in and in sync. 3. 🗓️Communicate and Collaborate: Proactively guide your customers on next steps through the Mutual Action Plan tool and interact with them through Comments. 4. 📈Track Engagement: Know what your customers care about the most through the Activity Dashboard, so you can provide them with the most relevant information and enable them to make the best decision. 5. 🤸🏼Update, Monitor, and Guide: Continue to add and refine content as you get to understand your customers more. Monitor progress to ensure that you are on the same page and moving towards the finish line together. 💸Special offer for hunters: 50% OFF 1 year Give us a try for FREE at If interested in upgrading to a paid plan, simply email [email protected] with “ProductHunt” as the subject to get 50% OFF ➡️1 year of DealLab can save you 100+ hrs, and help you sell 26% more. We would love to hear your thoughts and questions, we have a proven track-record of responding to feedback with positive changes. Help us deliver effortless and seamless buying experiences! Thanks for checking out 🤝🏼

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Deallab's promise of being a central hub for communication is exactly what businesses need to stay organized and efficient.

This looks awesome! Congrats to the team! Congrats on the launch! Well done on the launch and demo! Awesome stuff! Amazing product and congrats for the launch! Super nice and clean product demo ✨✨✨ Congrats on the launch! 🎉

Hello DealLab team, Congratulations on your launch, going to try it ASAP. All the best

This could be a game-changer for sales teams! Excited to explore this on Product Hunt and see how it streamlines our processes. Thanks for sharing this innovative solution!"

Congrats on the launch DealLab! Great product to help streamline workflows & save time for all stakeholders involved.

@alvarovillalb_ Tracking and activity insights are really invaluable because it allows you to measure the results of your sales strategy. Without quantifiable metrics, you can't say what works and what doesn't. Coming from a scientific background, good experimentation is KEY to answering questions, and you can't experiment without being able to measure results! 📐🤓

Amazing product @nicholas_shao..Looks like DealLab is all about clear goals and big wins!