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Daydream is the exec command center for turning data into business impact. 📊 Data + words: Power dashboards, reports, 1:1s, & docs 💬 Full-team collaboration: Speed insights & execution 🎯 Best-in-class templates: Drive sales, manage burn, & raise faster

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Hi all! Super excited to announce Daydream today and, just for the Product Hunt community and for the first time ever, offer self-serve access and a 14 day trial. Why we built this Daydream came from our own pain. We ran finance, growth, and analytics at startups like Uber, Eventbrite, and Postmates. Our job was to grow our companies faster & more efficiently – often by piecing together data & context from across the business. As we did this across companies, we noticed a surprising trend: startups consistently miss the big picture and destroy their growth – even as they invest deeply into sophisticated micro-optimization. So we asked “why?” What we realized: today’s decision makers aren’t well connected with the information they need to make good decisions. The problem Data is fragmented on islands and divorced from operational workflows – it often sits across many tools, spreadsheets, and dashboards that no one visits. But founders, executives, ops, and most of the team works in words – in conversation, docs, & decks. Story & discussion are what make data meaningful. Words are required for action and insight. This void between data and words causes lots of problems: bad decisions, manual drudgery (so many screenshots!), fragmented context, wasted data work, bad prioritization, slower learning – and ultimately dead companies. How it works Daydream is the business intelligence tool that’s actually built for founders, execs, ops – and, of course, also for the data teams who care about business impact. We are enabling a future where teams make better decisions and execute faster. That’s true today. And in the coming years, AI will synthesize data & story across teams & time. The companies who fail to connect data and words will be left behind. Daydream is of course a work in progress – and far from perfect. This is also our first experiment giving Daydream to folks without hand-holding. How to get started You, the PH community, are the first to get a 14 day free trial – this is not something we've offered publicly before. If you decide to join us on this journey as a paying customer, please message us directly with code PH$2K. The first 10 folks to do that & by Friday, Feb 9 will get $2k off your first year. Thank you so much. And please share feedback, questions, and comments! Our team will be around all day, and is looking forward to hearing from you.

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Daydream is a great tool for C-Levels, Finance, & Ops. Congrats on the launch Isaac. Good luck!

This will be an amazing product in this platform... Thanks a lot for this item....

I am not in the target audience that has need for something like this but I just wanted to give your brand identity a thumbs-up... love the color and the font (and the name!), the landing page looks so crisp. Kudos to the designer(s)!

Congrats on the launch. Is there an integration slides, messaging, and branding are awesome. Pink lightning bolts

Keep innovating and inspiring the community. Congratulations on launching DayDream.