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Data Analyst AI

Connect Google Analytics to ChatGPT for weekly insights

Artificial Intelligence

A decade of Fortune 500 analytics expertise for just $29.99/month. Get automated, AI-generated reports straight to your inbox, making your eCommerce performance quick & easy to understand.

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Hey Product Hunters! Imagine tapping into a decade of expertise from top Forbes 500 companies. That's what Data Analyst AI offers, a creation by the #1 eCommerce agency in the world - scandiweb. Data Analyst AI, our first data model, is currently syncing with Google Analytics 4 to bring you automated, AI-generated insights into eCommerce sales and customer trends. It's like having a data expert on your team, spotting patterns and sending easy-to-understand reports right to your inbox. ✅ Cost-effective - Forget those hefty $100K+/year data analyst salaries or $100+/h agency fees. Data Analyst AI is yours for just $29.99/month. ✅ Quick insights - Transform data analysis from tedious hours to mere minutes. Quick, actionable insights at your fingertips. ✅ Automated reporting - Let AI do the heavy lifting. Receive insightful, ready-to-use reports, saving you time and hassle. ✅ Data Security - Your data stays with you, isn't shared with anyone, or OpenAI. ✅ Powered by OpenAI - Built with the sophistication of OpenAI API fine-tuning. Simple, automated, straight-to-your-inbox reports that show you the highs and lows at a glance. Keeping tabs on your key business KPIs, understanding shopping behaviors, and spotting market trends has never been easier. Sign up for free & get instant access! Questions? Insights? We're here and excited to hear from you!

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very much helpful tool!!! lot of information to gain. Congratulations on your launch 🎊

Looks cool! Great work Nice! Really like the availabilities sharing feature Woooooooo this is so great!🤩

congratulations on the launch of Data analyst AI I really love the concept behind this amazing and cool AI tool all the best for more launch in future