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Modern yet simple HR platform for hybrid teams

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Smartly manage people at your office with our dynamic time management, leave management, and profile management tools while keeping the office culture engaging! Crewlix humanizes everyday HR tasks, removes friction, and improves productivity 🚀

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👋 Happy New Year Hunters! 🎉 I don’t always see problems as problems. Because, in most cases, it leads to amazing creations! That’s how Crewlix was born, I’m here to present a modern yet simple solution for managing people at hybrid and regular offices. When my company started to grow, I badly needed an HR solution. I couldn’t find one that was inexpensive yet gave just the features I needed to run my small company smoothly. So, my team decided to build our own. We fell in love with this product so much that we decided to share it with you all. What Crewlix brings to the table? 👍 People Engagement ❤️ Crewlix brings every idea and excitement together in one place. Your very own Feed will facilitate people at your company sharing their thoughts, ideas, and happy moments with each other in a private social media-like platform. 🕰 Time Management 📆 From the COVID era, hybrid offices became the new normal. Our Crewlix platform will allow configure shifts for each of your team members using a smart shift template system. It will enable you to cover all scenarios in your office and assign shifts to everyone in every way! 🏖 Leave and Holiday Management 🛫 Crewlix lets you assign fixed days or add dynamic conditions to automatically calculate leaves for your employees. You can also set leaves and holidays individually so you can cater to team members from different countries. There are options for you to customize leave approval conditions for everyone! 🚀 People Onboarding 🙋‍♀️ It takes less than 60 seconds to onboard newcomers to your team with our super simple welcome wizard. You can also share important documents right at the start to help them learn the ways of your company!. 😎 Profile Management 😀 Keep information neatly organized and configure profile settings individually. Crewlix lets you upload necessary documents, take private notes, define access control, and create public profiles for everyone. Manage profiles of your company people, including file management and personal information, with industry-standard encryption. 🚀 Crewlix is going to simplify your people management process by reinventing the way you use an HR solution. 🚀 ✅ HR solutions are not just for the HR guy! It’s for everyone to use! ✅ It doesn’t have to be filled with hundreds of features! ✅ It doesn’t need to be complex and expensive! 🎁 Special Offer for Product Hunt Community 🍭 First 90 days are on us for all the Product Hunt Community members!

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I recently had the pleasure of using Crewlix, and I must say it has truly transformed the way our team manages HR in our hybrid work environment. Crewlix seamlessly combines modern features with a refreshingly simple interface, making it an absolute game-changer for businesses like ours. One of the standout features of Crewlix is its user-friendly design. Navigating through the platform is a breeze, and the intuitive layout makes it easy for both HR professionals and team members to access and manage their information effortlessly. The streamlined interface significantly reduces the learning curve, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for everyone. Crewlix excels in catering to the unique needs of hybrid teams. With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, the platform offers robust tools for efficient collaboration and communication. The real-time collaboration features allow our team to stay connected seamlessly, fostering a sense of unity despite physical distances. Managing employee records has never been this efficient. Crewlix provides a centralized hub for all HR-related data, from employee profiles to performance evaluations. This has significantly improved our ability to track employee progress, identify areas for growth, and facilitate constructive feedback, all within a single platform. The automation capabilities of Crewlix have been a time-saving blessing for our HR team. From automating routine tasks to generating insightful reports, the platform empowers us to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by administrative overhead. This has undeniably increased our overall productivity. Security is a top priority for any HR platform, and Crewlix doesn't disappoint. With robust encryption and secure access controls, we have complete peace of mind knowing that sensitive employee data is well-protected. In conclusion, Crewlix has become an indispensable tool for our hybrid team. Its modern features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to security have exceeded our expectations. If you're looking for a comprehensive and forward-thinking HR platform, Crewlix is the answer. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing a hybrid workforce – Crewlix has you covered!

I know it's been a long journey, and we're excited to see it come to fruition finally. Congratulations on the launch of Crewlix!

Modern yet simple HRM system. Maybe simplicity is the main USP of this product. Great product! Wishing you all the success.

Loving how intuitive the UI looks and feels. Calling out all the entrepreneurs to give Crewlix a go, and I can assure you will fall in love with it FR 🔥🤯

It's an absolute delight to feature Crewlix on OpenDigg(! Your innovative approach to transforming the HR landscape with dynamic time management, leave management, and profile management tools is truly commendable. Crewlix’s commitment to humanizing everyday HR tasks, removing friction, and boosting productivity aligns perfectly with the needs of modern workplaces striving to maintain an engaging office culture. The positive impact of Crewlix on enhancing office workflows and employee satisfaction is evident, and it's precisely the kind of forward-thinking solution our users at OpenDigg( look for. We believe in promoting tools that not only streamline processes but also contribute to a healthier and more productive work environment. Crewlix stands out as a shining example of this, offering a comprehensive solution to HR challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. We're excited to share Crewlix with our community, confident that it will inspire and empower HR professionals and business leaders to create more engaging and efficient workplaces. Thank you for creating such an impactful tool, and we look forward to seeing how Crewlix continues to revolutionize HR management. Keep up the fantastic work, and remember, OpenDigg( is here to support and amplify innovative solutions like Crewlix that make the digital and professional world a better place.

Elevate your office game with Crewlix! 🚀 Dynamic time, leave, and profile management tools that humanize HR tasks, eliminate friction, and boost productivity. Transform your workplace – Crewlix, where efficiency meets engagement! 👔✨ #OfficeRevolution #ProductivityBoost

Hello fellow hunters! Crewlix was born out of our desire to help small and mid-size businesses better manage their everyday HR processes and activities. We have worked tirelessly for months to develop a simple and minimal solution that boosts productivity and increases transparency throughout your organization. In this pursuit, we have built Crewlix to cater to your dynamic needs. Here's what makes Crewlix different from other HR solutions: Shift Scheduling: You can assign the same shifts to multiple people or multiple shifts to one person. A shift can extend to the next day, and even a single day can have multiple shifts if desired. You can set different shifts for different days, weeks, and months! Let’s see if you can find a scenario that Crewlix doesn’t cover! Leave Conditions: With Crewlix, you can not only assign dynamic leaves, such as accrual leave, but you can also define how many leaves can be carried over to the next cycle. You can determine the number of leaves a person earns according to their working duration. Additionally, you can specify if a leave request requires approval from one person or all approvers. Holiday Allocation: As Crewlix aims to serve hybrid teams, you can assign holidays that are specific to team members. This means you can assign holidays to team members working from different parts of the world. You can also assign the same holiday to all team members, regardless of their location. The best thing is, every person has their own calendar to keep them updated! Time Module: You can restrict Clock In/Clock Out to only the office premises for your onsite team while allowing remote team members to work from anywhere in the world! You’ll get accurate data on who’s putting in the hours, arriving late, or working properly, all from one Birdview page. Everything is presented beautifully for both admins and individual team members! Profile Management: Every person is unique. That’s why you need to keep their data and information stored in their own profile so it doesn’t get mixed with others and can easily be found later. Crewlix helps you do just that. It allows you to keep confidential notes, personal documents, and all related information in everyone’s own profile. Also, onboarding with Crewlix is super easy for admins and newcomers. You can share important documents right from the start to help new team members learn the ways of your company! Transparency and Collaboration: Crewlix aims to increase productivity, foster collaboration, and promote transparency. As a result, we introduced Feed, where every one of your teammates can share their brilliant ideas and participate in discussions. Multiple sidebar cards keep everyone informed about who’s present, taking a break, or on leave. You can also share celebratory moments like birthdays and work anniversaries. This is just the beginning of a new journey! Please give Crewlix a try and share your feedback so we can continue to help small businesses like yours grow!