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Coze is a no-code AI bot builder. Whether you have coding experience or not, you can quickly turn your bot ideas into reality. Build powerful bots powered by Large Language Models, and publish them to various messaging apps like Discord, Telegram or Slack.

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Hey Product Hunt community! 🚀 I'm Joshua, Developer Advocate at Coze. We are thrilled to introduce Coze🤖, a next-generation AI chatbot building platform. You can leverage GPT-4 to quickly create AI chatbots using natural language and publish them on various platforms like Discord, Telegram and Slack! Why Coze? We noticed the gap where the creativity of many was being held back by the complexities of programming. Our mission became clear: to build a platform that would let anyone, regardless of their technical background, harness the power of AI to create bots that are not only smart but also deeply integrated into their work and life. What makes us different? - Multi-Agent: Allows you to build a team of AI bots that can work together. - Plugins: Our vast plugin library extends your bot's capabilities. You can integrate services like Google maps, Outlook email, or Dall-E 3. Or build your own plugin! - Workflows: Coze's workflows allow you to design complex bots that can handle multiple-step tasks reliably. - Scheduled Tasks: Forget manual repetition. Schedule tasks for your bots, ensuring timely operations like regular content updates or periodic data retrieval without lifting a finger. - Knowledge and long-term memory: Equip your bot with persistent memory. Import custom knowledge in a variety of formats including URLS, PDFs, CSVs, Notion and more. - More distribution: You can publish your bots to chat apps like Discord, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more. What You Can Do: Imagine the possibilities! With Coze, craft a personal assistant to manage your schedule, a news bot that curates content based on your interests, or even a customer service bot that learns to serve your clients better over time. Coze empowers you to innovate in ways that align with your individual or business goals. We've poured our heart into developing Coze because we believe in a future where technology complements human creativity without boundaries. We're really proud to present this to you and are stoked to see what you will create with Coze. Get started for free at Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. Share with us how Coze is shaping your world, and let's create something extraordinary together! Cheers to innovation, collaboration, and the future of AI bot development! 🚀 Warm wishes, Joshua Developer Advocate, Coze

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Huge congratulations on your launch! Love your tool and it's features! So easy to use :)

Not available Our services are not available in your country or region. @joshua_alphonse ? I'm in Romania right now, in what GEOs are you launched? :)

Looks awesome, nice work guys! Congratulations, big achievement Great success guys, well done Something very much needed! Thanks for making and good luck with your launch AWESOME✨ Great work @makers!

Coze is a game-changer for anyone looking to delve into the world of AI bot building without the hassle of coding. With an impressive upvote count of 561, it's evident that users are embracing its user-friendly interface. The platform caters to both beginners and experienced developers, allowing them to effortlessly transform their bot concepts into functional reality. Coze stands out for its integration with powerful Large Language Models, enabling the creation of robust bots that can be seamlessly deployed across popular messaging apps like Discord, Telegram, and Slack. Best of all, it comes with a free package, making it accessible for all enthusiasts to discuss, collect feedback, embed, and share their creations. Coze is undeniably paving the way for a new era in AI bot development.

Another no-code builder that makes me hungry. Congrats! Joshua, have you prepared a list of use cases on your end? I would like to check them for examples.

Hey @joshua_alphonse Coze is so great and easy to use, it'll be fun to just experiment and create different chatbots I also think offering users insights into bot interactions and performance could help refine and optimize bot behavior, leading to more effective and personalized user experiences.