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Get briefed like a boss

Virtual Assistants

Always come prepared. Never forget a conversation. Get instant, tailored briefs delivered before meetings, detailed profiles of attendees, and comprehensive minutes, automatically sourced from your conversations, emails, contacts, and calendar.

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Good morning, Product Hunt Community! 🚀 Ever admired those rare individuals with photographic memory? Entrepreneurs, politicians, and leaders who recall every person, conversation, and context, forging stronger, more productive relationships? Now, you can have that superpower too. Bloks: Your Memory Enhancer Our journey began on Product Hunt in April 2023 with our MVP. Thanks to your invaluable support, we've evolved. Bloks is now primed for the spotlight, boasting an enhanced toolset to transform your daily interactions. What Bloks Offers: - Personalised Morning Briefs: Start each day informed, with tailored briefs awaiting you. - Detailed Backgrounds: Know the people you'll meet with in-depth insights. - Meeting Prep: Essential notes and objectives for all your meetings. - Company Insights: Comprehensive data on companies you'll engage with. - Conversation Recall: Instant access to past discussions and interactions. The Magic Behind Bloks: - Conversation Capture: Effortlessly integrates with Zoom, Teams, Meets – no bots involved! - Data Aggregation: AI-driven analysis of your emails, calendar, and contacts, presenting you with the crux. - Web Intel: Searches the internet for additional insights to ensure you're always a step ahead. 🎁 Exclusive Product Hunt Offer! 🎁 Join the celebration! Show us support (email: [email protected] or tweet @bloks_app) and we'll gift you 10 extra credits for an extended free trial. Use promo code "ph_2024" when you sign-up. We're deeply grateful to the Product Hunt community for your ongoing support. On launch day, we're here to answer questions and offer additional credits in celebration. Let’s make every interaction count with Bloks!

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Congrats on the launch, @marc_gingras! Amazing ideia. Will surely try out. A question: is there any way to use other than downloading the apps? (i.e. directly in the browser)

Love, love, love the idea of this! Just watching the video describing what it does increased my feeling of readiness for the day! Would love to integrate with ontraport.

The platform looks great judging from the video and demo. Do you guys offer a free trial if I wanted to check out how it works on the backend before committing? Cool product! Keep innovating team! There are so many ecommerce owners that need a solution when it comes to creating sleek looking product images. Do you guys have any best practices on how to implement this in the design process from a collaborative perspective? Does the platform allow built in collaboration?

This comes in super handy. I’ve been searching for a similar solution that offers an alternative to passwords sign-ins. Has there been no other competitor yet who created a similar solution? Looks interesting. I read the TechinAsia article about you guys wanting to build the Stripe for visual sign ins. Where are you planning on taking this in the future and what does your product roadmap look like? This looks awesome! Congrats to the team!

Congratulations on the launch folks! 🎉 I remember talking to @chad_carlson and saw the demo of Bloks. Amazing stuff!

Excelente servicip maravilloso para Reciba instrucciones como un jefe realmente espectacular gracias por el servicio

Congratulations for your launch!🔥 I definitely have to try it out. It really sounds like it could save a lot of time and make preparing for meetings a lot easier.