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Belly Buddy

Identify food you eat that are linked to digestive issues

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Debug your diet! Belly Buddy is a quantified-self app that can help you plan an elimination diet. Log the food you eat and your digestive symptoms (like gas, bloating, or heartburn). The app's algorithm then tells you which foods correlate with your symptoms.

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Hey Product Hunt community! We're thrilled to share our latest creation with you – Belly Buddy, a new mobile app designed to transform your relationship with food and empower you to take control of your digestive health. The Idea Behind Belly Buddy At Belly Buddy, we believe that understanding the connection between what you eat and how you feel is key to a healthier, happier you. We wanted to create an app that provides a personalized experience that helps users identify the foods that might be linked to unpleasant digestive symptoms, such as bloating, gas, headaches, and skin rashes. It's also perfect for parents who need to understand what foods might be linked to digestive issues experienced by their kids. Our journey began with a simple question: Can we make an inexpensive, easy-to-use app that will help people gain insights into their diet and well-being? Our many hours of research, development, and user testing helped us to create, refine and enhance Belly Buddy, ensuring it meets the needs of people with various dietary preferences and health goals. It's also perfect for parents who need to understand what foods might be linked to digestive issues experienced by their kids. Building Belly Buddy Belly Buddy has been a fun project to build. Mike, our developer, is a seasoned programmer who has worked at a number of startups and a couple of larger companies (most notably LinkedIn). He had never worked in the health and wellness space before, and he had never written a mobile app before. He was eager to try using React Native Expo, since it was reputed to be a good way to quickly get an app up and running on both iOS and Android. This turned out to be a good idea, since it enabled him to iteratively develop the app and respond to user feedback quickly. Please Join Us, and Help Spread the Word We hope you will become a part of the Belly Buddy community. We encourage you to try out Belly Buddy, explore its features, and let us know how it affects your diet. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to evolve and improve the app. If you have friends or family who deal with bothersome digestive symptoms, please tell them about Belly Buddy. We hope you will help us spread the word and empower more people to improve their digestive health.

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Very excited to have come across belly buddy now I can identify foods I eat that are linked to digestive issues, this is a really great project which is really gonna help a whole lot of people nice one .

this is so cool! Might it be said that you are additionally coordinating the best nourishment for individuals with ongoing illnesses? Like ulcerative colitis

Belly Buddy provides a personalized approach to nutrition, helping users identify and eliminate the culprits behind their digestive discomfort for a healthier lifestyle.

What a wonderful product you guys just launched. It would really help people struggling with food and what to eat and what not

Wow. This sounds like something useful for me. Because I'm struggling with diabetes, this could be really helpful .

One thought a Doc is the final say even on matters thanks to belly buddy now are resolvable on logging ones diet and a balance of the needed diet is given. I would say its a major step towards realizing human AI diet manager..