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Project management system for IT freelancers & agencies

Task Management

Make your clients happy and engaged by sharing a transparent project timeline. Analyze your KPIs to understand how the project and your business are going and take action. Reduce your churn rate, charge premium prices and upsell more!

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First of all, thanks a lot to @kevin for hunting BaliBam. It's very important your support, especially for solopreneurs like me! - About me - My name is Alessio, founder of BaliBam. Very briefly, this is my background: From developer to CTO 🚀 (15+ years of experience) From $0 to $6M-value startup 💸 - Why BaliBam? - A few years ago, a friend lost half of his revenue in a few days. He was working as an IT freelancer and had only 3 clients. He lost one client, the main one. He missed a milestone, an important one. Why? He didn't communicate upfront the roadblocks of the project. "A 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by up to 75%" - Bain & Company BaliBam helps you to have a more predictable and stable revenue retaining your best agency clients. What's the secret to retaining your best client? Transparency and engagement! A happy and engaged client keeps buying, is willing to pay more, and is open to more upsells. - Features - - Centralized timeline where to track all the meaningful events (milestones, deviations, and decisions) - Autogenerated KPI and client behavior analysis to keep an eye on the project's health - Time tracking tool (always for free! Valued $100+/month) - What's next - I would love your feedback! Either you want to beta test the product or be an early adopter. Please, let me know your opinion! I'm creating a product to help IT freelancers and consulting firms to be successful. And to create a great product, I need feedback from amazing people like YOU!

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It's a great application, congratulations for this amazing product hunt launch and thanks for the presentation.

@alessio_mavica Congratulations for the launch!! I am confident that BaliBam's features will be a game changer in IT industry and will help increaseing revenue & customer satisfaction!

congrats on launch! there are lots of free features in this app.and also very useful tools.BaliBam helps to have a more predictable and stable revenue retaining

Kudos to Alessio and the BaliBalm team for crafting a project management system that truly understands the heartbeat of IT freelancers and agencies. The ability to analyse KPIs within the platform is like having a secret weapon for business insights. Good Luck!

Huge congrats on the launch, Alessio! I am following you for some time already and am so glad to see you launch! 🏆 Seems like a great product for a calendar and task-management geek like me 😊