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Hire an AI BDR, to supercharge your pipeline

Artificial Intelligence

Ava is an SDR with 10x the skills of a human appointment setter. She Can: - Form your ICP and prospects from a database of 270M+ contacts - Warm up email addresses and sends 1000s of hyper-personalized outreach emails - Schedule meetings in your calendar

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Happy to hunt Ava by Artisan today! Jaspar and I connected in November when he was building the product. Since then, the product has evolved and it is finally LIVE! Congrats @jasparcj on the launch. :)

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Wow, Ava sounds like an incredible tool for sales teams! I'm curious, with all the personalization and outreach emails Ava can handle, how does it ensure that the emails don't come across as automated or spammy? It would be great to hear some success stories or case studies from users who have used Ava and seen a significant increase in their pipeline. Keep up the great work!

The client is planning to launch a promotion in the near future and an app like AVA would be just right. How high is the probability that the emails will be delivered and that the systems will not mark them as spam?

Congratulations @jasparcj !! I've been following Ava's journey and find the idea of artificial intelligence automating the entire outbound email process to be interesting. Is it possible for Ava to completely take the role of an experienced sales rep?

Features are impressive, especially the ability to warm up email addresses. Congratulations on the launch!