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Arc Search

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Arc Search is the modern, fast, and AI-enabled mobile browsing experience you’ve been waiting for.

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The beginning of Arc Act II has commenced with the retirement of Arc Companion and the launch of Arc Search, with the goal to be "the fastest way to get what you need" (on mobile). The haptics and design are slick — but will you adopt it as your default browser, now that you can? It's all OpenAI under the hood, which is an interesting choice given Arc's recent release of Perplexity as a new default search engine on desktop.

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This is way too much... It's been months and still a waiting list for Windows and Android users while on iOS it's been out for over a year. I too was once eager to try this out but after this cheap marketing gimmick, I have completely lost interest. Yes, it's got great features but it's a browser in the end. Nothing more. The current iteration of MS Edge browser and Google Chrome are fine. Thanks but no thanks. You can keep the wait list active for a year or two. I am sure it would create even more buzz and anticipation.

Arc Browser is very easy to use, but the iOS version is very much a work in progress. I feel that Arc Search, which focuses on search, has potential.

Love the idea! Does the browser have a function like that too, that I missed? 😄 Congratulations on the launch!

Actually pretty fast and neat. The Browse for Me is a winning proposition, and I look first to more Arc evolution. Nice!

Interesting! What does your business model revolve around then? How do you make money in search without ads?