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The joyful productivity app

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Todos, email, calendar. Finally all-in-one. Amie is the joyful productivity app with integrations into your favorite apps (Things3, Apple Health, Spotify, Linear,...)

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It looks beautiful, I've wanted to use it for a long time, I'm surprised/disappointed that there is no Android app and that you launched without it. I can't use your beautiful program until it's available.

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I've been leaning into time boxing my to-do list instead of just checking off endless tasks. Excited to start using this app to supercharge that. Looks amazing, congrats on the launch!

Love this app. Great Design, and the thinking behind it is ingenious. More seriously, it has an amazing potential. The integrations are for now a little bit reduced, but if it integrates Outlooks, and iClouds calendars in the future, I will fully switch to and pay a subscription for the value contained in this app. More specifically, I have made a notation of the core features : - Calendars integrations and multi-calendars integrations : 5/10 The calendars inegrations are for now limited to only Google Calendars. BUT, it has a feature to request other calendars third parties when signing up. So we can only hope that they will include MORE CALENDARS ! If I could integrates all of that, I will definitely switch my note from 6 to 10 instantly. Because in other app calendars (Cron and now, Notion Calendars) the integration of other calendars and mail app already exist. So what is the incentive to use Ami instead of Notion Calendar ? Also, we definitely need to have an integration of Notion Pages now that that Notion Calendar does it !!! - Interface (MacOS and iOS) : 7,5/10 Don't get me wrong. The interface is FANTASTIC. BUT, I find it difficult on the MacOS desktop app to go in the setting to add a calendar for example. Also on the mobile iOS app, sometimes, the scroll down animation don't work, and I'm blocked on the screen. So, great design, and great user experience, but some tweaks to do before heading to the 10/10 ! - App Integrations and User Experience : 9/10 The integration of apps that have nothing to do with the "Calendar Idea" is fantastic. The Spotify integration is very funny and I find it usefull to reflect on the end of the day. Also, the Apple Health integration finally let me see my sleed schedule with my events ! So great idea ! I find the user experience so satisfying and great. create events and to do is easy, and the integration of other apps that has nothing to do with calendars event is seamless.Also, there is an option for Subscribed Users to see, read and respond to their emails directly in the app. I have not tested this functionnality yet, but it's very usefull considering that the interface of mail apps are really obsolete in every way. The mail functionnality can be usefull to reduce the amount of switch that you do from your mail app and your calendar app. Instead here, you juste have a split screen with on the down screen your mails and to-do's, and on the top your calendars. Well, that's the key points i'm thinking of for the time being ! Great work !

Faithful Amie user since 2 years ago, waited for years for someone to crack the task -> schedule -> tracking mechanic. Well done team!!

Gosh... that's some production value right here. Companies invest less in announcing their new card models not productivity apps lol :) Anyways, good luck! Can't say convinced me to switch from Google cal & Gmail, but I applaud your attempt.

Love love love this !!! I am sold just from watching your video. Incredible work guys! Congrats and you just got yourselves one very happy client 🙂

Congratulations on the launch of the Amie app, even though it's only a Beta version, I feel it's better than outlook. Hopefully, Amie will get better and better.

@muellaire Amie is not just another productivity app – it's a game-changer. By combining the power of to-dos, emails, and calendars into a single application, Amie eliminates the need for multiple apps, making your daily routine smoother and more enjoyable.

Congratulations. 💐Looks convenient. And I love the design with colorful elements.