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Agent Gold AI

Chat with any YouTuber about anything

Artificial Intelligence

Meet your favorite content creators and ask their AI chatbots anything. What's your story? How did you grow your channel? How and why was your content created? If you’re a YouTuber, make your chatbot and content available for our community to learn from.

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🚀 Hi Product Hunt family! Our team at Agent Gold AI is so excited to launch our first product: the AI chatbots of all your favorite YouTubers. Each YouTuber's chatbot is truly personalized with the ingestion and analysis of their entire content history. 🎥 As an entrepreneur and aspiring content creator, I've been seeking and consuming crazy amounts of knowledge from YouTube content recently. After watching a lot of these educational videos, I found myself curious with more questions. I wanted to learn more about the topics in the content. I wanted to know which other videos I could watch to expand my knowledge. I wanted to hear the content creators' stories. I even wanted to learn tips on how to create engaging content like they do. 💡 In these moments, I wished I could just ask the content creator right then and there... and that's why our team built Agent Gold AI. ✅ Agent Gold AI is super simple to use: 1. Go to and choose any YouTuber to chat with. 2. If the YouTuber you're looking for is not there, just "Find a YouTuber" and activate his/her AI chatbot by adding the YouTube channel URL. 3. Start chatting and ask away! 🌟 And if you’re a content creator, you can make your chatbot and content available for our community to learn from by emailing me at: [email protected] 💛 Product Hunters! Please try our product and give us as many questions and comments. We value any and all of your feedback because we genuinely want to improve this product and our upcoming products. And feel free to let us know which YouTubers you talked to.

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Love the idea, a few questions. Do YouTubers have to agree to be added to this? What's used for training data, does it just use the youtube videos of the creator, and if I am a creator is there anything I can blacklist as topics for my Ai?

This looks awesome! Congrats to the team! Congrats on the launch! Well done on the launch and demo! Awesome stuff!

"Chatting with any YouTuber about anything? Count me in! This tool opens up a whole new world of possibilities for engaging with my favorite content creators. Whether it's discussing their latest video, seeking advice, or just having a casual chat, the ability to connect directly with YouTubers is incredibly exciting. Say hello to a more personalized and interactive viewing experience!"

Agent Gold AI sounds like an incredible tool for connecting with creators and fostering meaningful conversations. Can't wait to explore this on Product Hunt and see how it revolutionizes interaction in the digital space. Thanks for sharing this innovative platform!"

that really great because lots of people having lots of confusion what kind content should make ane the grouth will posible in this kind of content. it really good .

Hey @agentjjj I really love Agent Gold AI's innovative approach that allows users to interact with YouTubers in a whole new way which is so cool! I'm particularly impressed with its potential to personalize learning and entertainment. This will really revolutionize how we consume video content, making it more interactive and tailored to individual interests.

It's like having a direct line to your favorite YouTubers' knowledge and expertise!👌🏻 Congratulations on the launch!!

wow yout very very fantastic sir. this is like social media, but this proejct specific. just for youttuber. good job sir

This is so cool. I have a lot of questions to my favorite youtubers, I definitely can't wait for this. Great work!