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Wing Playground

Iterate on cloud apps in milliseconds, not minutes

Experience the future of cloud coding with Wing Playground. Write, test, and visualize cloud-native applications effortlessly in your browser. Dive into a seamless development experience that bridges infrastructure and code like never before.

Top comment

Hey there, Product Hunt 👋 My name is Elad Ben-Israel. I am the co-founder of Wing and the creator of the AWS CDK. Today, I'm thrilled to share something we've been cooking up: the Wing Playground 🚀 It's a way for developers to get a glimpse of what we are building with Wing, a new programming language and toolchain tailored for the cloud. We've poured everything we know (and are still learning) about cloud development into creating Wing, aiming to solve the real pains developers face - like the friction of deploying and testing in the cloud, the mental load of juggling infrastructure alongside code, and the endless context switching that comes with today’s tools. Wing is designed around a rich cloud abstraction layer which allows developers to focus on their applications but still leverage the powerful capabilities of the cloud. This layer enables things like local cloud simulation and multi-cloud portability, and results in a delightful developer experience and increased quality and productivity. Wing Playground is our way of inviting you to experience Wing. It lets you write, test, and play with cloud applications right in your browser, allowing you to interact with your application visually as well as explore the Terraform and JavaScript output that the Wing compiler produces. Big shoutout to @chrismessina for hunting us today. Your support means the world to us, and we're stoked to be sharing this journey with the Product Hunt community. This is just the beginning. We're on a mission to democratize cloud development, making it accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for all developers. Dive into the Wing Playground, join our Slack community, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build out the full vision of Wing! Cheers to making the cloud an amazing place for developers! 🪽 The Wing Team 🪽