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WeGoTrip On Demand Tours

Custom AI generated self-guided audio tours

WeGoTrip On Demand Tours are custom AI-generated self-guided audio tours with human post moderation. They allow you to get personalized travel experience while keeping perfect content quality and low price. Travel by your own rules with WeGoTrip!

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Hey, product hunters🙌 I'm Vitaly, Head of Product at WeGoTrip, a self-guided audio tour app powered by AI. Happy to announce the launch of our new Gen AI-powered feature - On-Demand Tours! 🌎 What is WeGoTrip? Every day millions of travelers spend more than $6M on guided tours and fall into a small hell: guides rush the tourists, tourists are lost in huge groups, don't hear or see guides, and lose time in long lines to attractions. WeGoTrip allows travel by its own rules, providing instantly available self-guided audio tours across the world 📈 Why WeGoTrip? We already helped 100 000+ travelers explore 250 cities with $1.8M GMV. With WeGoTrip, they discover, book, and experience self-guided tours with museum entrance tickets included. Without boring guides, crowds of tourists, or queues to museums 💡How did the idea come up? For our growth, the main problem was to ensure a fast increase in the number of tours and geographic markets supported. With the development of AI, we understood that this is a great opportunity to solve this problem and even more - to start providing users with custom tours upon request. After all, everyone wants a personalized experience. So we decided to produce on-demand AI-generated experiences, but with human moderation to keep the impeccable quality we already provide to our customers. ⚙️ How do On-Demand Tours work? 1. You indicate the location you want, the duration of the tour, and other parameters like theme or specific area 2. The AI tool generates the entire tour: route, narratives, voice acting, background music, etc. 3. We moderate the generated tour based on 100+ parameters of quality standards. 4. You receive the custom tour within 48 hours, but usually faster. 📱 Can I use it today? The feature is already available across all platforms and I highly encourage you to try it by yourself with 90% discount Just visit the link:, fill out a simple form, and use this promo code on checkout- PRDHUNT ⏭️ What comes next? We already have a bunch of AI features to deliver next such as a personal AI travel assistant and AI guides allowing you to generate a multi-day travel plan on demand with flight and hotel bookings We are open to your insights and feedback, fellows Feel free to share your thoughts and expectations Speak to you in comments!