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Notion-based configurable static website generator

Webtrotion is a highly configurable and easy-to-install website builder, crafted with the Astro framework and Notion. Use it to effortlessly create a blog or website.

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Webtrotion was built with a simple idea in mind: most Notion-based builders require at least one of these four things: - A custom domain or a willingness to use a Vercel-like domain. - Blog posts editable in Notion while pages are edited in the repo. - Third-party tools or are not free to use. - Limited configurability because they rely on third parties like or require editing multiple code files. And I did not want that. We wanted something that converts well into a static site, can be hosted on GitHub for free using the domain, and allows easy configuration for both pages and blog posts. Why Notion and Astro? - I use Notion for all my notes, and it didn't make sense to download them into an MD file, figure out the logistics, and push/pull with other SSGs like Quarto, Eleventy, Hugo, or Jekyll. - I could have used another CMS, but I use Notion, and it's easier to keep the content in one place. Notion also offers unique features that other CMSs don’t: WYSIWYG for various components, block-level permissions (to add drafts to post text), easy collaboration, etc. - There are some NextJS options that kinda fulfill this criteria, but I don't know NextJS and didn’t want to figure it out at the moment, and they often needed publicly shared pages. Webtrotion vs Notion Sites v2? Check out my thoughts here, a post hosted on my site built using Webtrotion.