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Boost your email deliverability with an AI driven algorithm

At Warmy we understand that warming up a mailbox is super important to create unique email flows for your prospects. With an AI-driven algorithm, we handle every pain-point of your process, and let you reach the primary inboxes.

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👋 Hello Product Hunt! It’s Daniel again, part of an awesome team that created a new version of We are excited to share with you the most innovative email deliverability tool with a lot of updates! Big thanks to @benln for hunting us! 🙏❤️ ✅ What is Auto all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your Email Channel Reliable. ✅ How does works? Just set and forget. Full automation. Simply connect your mailbox and let “Adeline”, our Artificial Intelligence engine, warm up the mailbox at the optimal pace. Analyzing hundreds of parameters a day, interacting with real people on your behalf, and making sure you hit the inbox in every single email you send. ✅ What are the new free tools serves to everyone? 1. Email Deliverability Checker Tool - Evaluate your email's likelihood to reach inboxes by analyzing sender reputation, content, and configuration, blacklisting, and offering actionable feedback. 2. Free DMARC Record Generator - Aids in setting up DMARC for domains to combat email spoofing, providing setup guidance and authentication reports. 3. Signature Builder - Enables the creation of professional email signatures with customizable options for branding and contact details. 4. Email Template Checker - Checks email templates for compatibility and design issues across different clients and devices, suggesting optimizations. 5. SPF Generator - Helps create SPF records to authorize IP addresses for sending emails, enhancing email authenticity. 6. Cold Email Sequence Builder - Assists in crafting and automating personalized cold email sequences for effective outreach campaigns. ✅ How did we improve our AI-based algorithms? has significantly advanced its AI algorithms to optimize email warming and deliverability. 1. Advanced Template Generation - Our AI now more adeptly crafts email templates. This innovation is rooted in analyzing patterns of success across countless email campaigns. 2. Smart Replies - We've elevated the intelligence of our automated responses, ensuring that every reply is contextually aligned with the incoming message. This leap in AI capability significantly streamlines the communication process. 3. Distribution Optimization Based on Spam Rates - A pivotal upgrade in our AI algorithms focuses on meticulously analyzing spam rates associated with various email service providers. By doing so, our platform intelligently routes emails through the channels demonstrating the lowest spam rates. ✅ How does differ from the others? Who has the biggest servers to improve your warm-up process to send thousands of emails even in a day? Yes, it’s Also, with more than 30+ languages and hundreds of custom templates, topics, and more data points, we make your email ready without asking any questions. Warmy will do everything automatically. Plus, all the features mentioned above 😊 😎 Who are we? We are a team of email lovers and tech experts who want to help businesses thrive and rise by enabling email marketing to be effective and flawless. 😺 Special offer: For the PH community, for any subscription plan 35% OFF. Use this coupon code in the checkout: PH35 We'll be hanging out on Product Hunt all day so feel free to drop us your questions 😄 Thank you! 🙏🥇❤️