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Wanderboat AI

Your everyday AI companion for travel and outing ideas

Wanderboat is a travel + outing AI companion to find and sort the best point of interest with videos, images, and insights. From signature dishes to photo spots, you can ask questions freely in-chat, in-document, or on-map for personalized experiences.

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 We're excited to introduce Wanderboat to the community! As a 24/7 AI Companion focuses on travel planning and outing ideas, Wanderboat will chat with you and perform its own AI search to generate idea-cards with photos and videos just for you! Staying away from biased information and fragmented experiences, Wanderboat provides an all-in-one solution covering: 💬 Freeform Chat: No more by-the-book approach. With Wanderboat you’ll experience a freeform chat that’s like talking to an understanding friend who can freely engage in discussion based on your topics, and offer personalized in-depth responses and suggestions. From 🍴late-open restaurants to the 🍺best bar hopping route, we've got you covered! 🤖 Hands Off: Asking good questions can be hard! With our new Hands-Off feature, you can simply hand over a collection of links or documents that spark your interest, and just watch while our AI agents compile a tailored list of insights and deliver a 📒blueprint of an exciting journey for you. It’s effortless planning at its finest. 🌟 AI Concierge: Your itinerary will never be static! With AI Concierge, every part of your itinerary becomes a conversation starter. Whether you’re pinpointing locations on the map or browsing through your everyday schedule, our AI is ready to answer your every question. From 🎫ticket prices to 🅿️parking spots, from 🍴signature dishes to 💎hidden gems nearby. It's your standing-by travel companion, making every question an opportunity for discovery. 🏠Content Community: Join our community where real adventures come to life through 📒shared itineraries and posts. It's your go-to for genuine stories and local outings. Curious about a plan? Our AI offers smart, timely replies, bridging the gap between curiosity and knowledge, even when the original poster is away. Connect, be inspired, and craft your own journey with insights from real explorers plus 🤖AI intelligence. As the dedicated team behind Bing Chat and Copilot, we're proud to present Wanderboat, our AI solution aiming to offer an escape from the isolated digital sphere, guiding you towards real-world adventures that await beyond the screen. Your insights are invaluable to us—share your thoughts and let Wanderboat enrich your days with more discoveries and wonders. We are thrilled for you to give Wanderboat a try! Join our Discord Community! Can't wait to see you!