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Create freely, earn fearlessly

Vitruveo, a creator-first blockchain protocol that specifically bridges the gap between artistry (visual art, film, music, performing arts, indigenous artists) and innovation. Our native token is $VTRU.

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Good day, Product Hunt community! 🎉 We are exited to present Vitruveo, which is a vertically-integrated, decentralized ecosystem, tailor-made to unlock sustainable income for creators. 🤔 The problem: WEB3 develops so fast with multiple trend per season. The lack of onedoor solutions makes it more difficult to enter the market if you missed it. A potential user of WEB3 faces a situation where you have to create an item on one platform, design it on another and release on the third... Complicated, isn't? Also, requires tremendous knowledge of the industry, whereas the industry must provide you with a chance to express yourself and earn on your art. It should be simple as that. 🕊 The Solution: Vitruveo serves as a comprehensive platform that includes blockchain, Dapps, marketplaces, learning materials, workshops, events, marketing assistance for creators and more. Vitruveo caters to diverse domains like visual arts, music, and film thereby helping millions of creators and professional art organizations transition to Web3 and unlock the possibility of earning sustainable income through their art. 🤌 Vitruveo is not limited with that. 🔥 Vitruveo is more than a blockchain, it offers an ecosystem-wide vision for creators: 1. Presenting unique incentives and grants 2. Complying to established license standards and art metadata standards such as LinkedArt 3. Running workshops and programs for institutions like museums and galleries to integrate their creators with the Vitruveo ecosystem 4. Sharing learning materials and marketing assistance to help creators promote their work 5. Hosting virtual and on-ground events, exhibitions, and conferences to unite the global creator community Unlike general-purpose blockchains, Vitruveo offers creator-specific support through its vertically-integrated approach, giving it a unique competitive advantage when onboarding creators and professional art organizations to Web3.