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Super easy online video editor

VideoFast is the easiest way to create and edit high-quality videos. It works by allowing you to choose from a list of beautifully crafted text, media, and shape animations and customizing them into how you want your video to be.

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Hey Hunters 👋 I'm a 16-year-old in high school from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Often, I find myself having to edit videos, whether it may be for school assignments or creating content for the stuff I'm building. But let's face it: **Video editing and creating high-quality videos is really really difficult.** For beginners, it takes hours to learn how to use traditional editing software to edit great videos. There's a huge learning curve. For pros, implementing those high-quality animations for your videos requires a lot of time to create and customize. Personally, for school homework and social media video preparation, I need a tailor-made, powerful enough, but not too overkilled video editor to create videos quickly with high quality. Existing tools such as iMovie, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere Pro are great but too heavy-duty. That's why I built VideoFast, an easier alternative to creating and editing videos. 1. Pick a beautifully premade animation 2. Customise that animation fully to your needs 3. Repeat - you then have an epic video 4. Export, and voila ✨ Feel free to try it out at I designed and developed this video editor based on my needs, other KOLs', and the needs of professionals that I connected with via social media while building VideoFast in the last couple of months while being a full-time high school student taking AP exams :) - hope you like VideoFast! Reach out to me Happy Hunting! Rexan