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Voice AI infrastructure for the internet

Vapi lets developers build, test and deploy voicebots in minutes rather than months.

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Hey Product Hunt! 🎉 I'm Jordan, one of the co-founders of Vapi. Imagine this: Samantha, from Her. But she’s in your phone, on customer support lines, in your microwave. Vapi makes this possible. Our small team, fueled by lots of coffee, working 24/7 for the past nine months, has been on a mission to make computers talk like people, and make it work everywhere. We’ve built a voice AI platform that saves months of engineering time for developers. It has all the infrastructure for sub-second response times, super-human reliability, and scales to millions of calls. Best of all, it’s modular; custom LLMs, voices, whatever you want. The first time Vapi responded before I had time to think, it quite literally shook me, it’s an uncanny but magical feeling. We know by continuing to push the bounds, we can build tech that listens, understands, and feels human. You can deploy our human-like voicebots anywhere in a few lines of code. Through telephony for inbound and outbound calls, on your website, iOS, Android, and even in hardware devices. It’s powered by GPT-4, so it can do customer support, schedule appointments, be a friend, whatever you want. I’m here all day to dive into discussions, answer your burning questions, or just chat about life and tech. Let’s make the AI revolution a bit more human, one call at a time. Give it a try here: Cheers from the whole Vapi team 🚀