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AI powered social & bio link tools

UNUM is your social media workspace. Beautifully designed tools to power your posts and link in bio — all in one place. Loved by creators and teams everywhere.

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Social media is the most powerful and often the most frustrating of all marketing channels. On one end, one post can change your life. On the other, building a community and network of like-minded can help shape your future. All because you shared and chose to be vulnerable with the world and the people within it. That's powerful, but it is also very stressful. And, it's one of the reasons why we started UNUM in the first place. We desired to build a safe space from the noise, a place where we had all the tools we needed to create, craft, and share a message that was authentically ours. To create posts that we were proud of, and to us — were enough. And, we wanted to grow our community outside of social, to connect with them in deeper ways, which is why we created BioBar — one place for everything that is important to us. So we indirectly are building what we believe to be the most powerful and needed social media workspace — a place where you have every tool to power your posts and your links. We see social media as mission-critical to every founder, startup, creator, business, and team. It's the most important marketing channel and the best time to start building it is now. We hope that you find our growing set of tools helpful as you continue to tell your story across the channels that matter most to you. We're excited to launch the tools that make up your social media workspace today: 1. Social Media CoPilot: Your AI assistant that can help you create or edit your captions, find unique hashtags, schedule your posts, answer social media questions, and even come up with entire strategies for you. 2. Content Calendar: See and schedule all your posts in one place. Be days, weeks, or months ahead of everyone. 3. Media Library: Forget saving your photos/videos in different places. Keep all your assets in one place. 4. Creator Tools: Built-in photo, video, graphic design tools help you create content that is beautiful and ready to share 5. BioBar: Create and share everything that's important to you, all from one link. Customize your link in bio to make it yours or discover our beautiful templates to help you get started. 6. Insights: Discover your best times to post, engagement score, top hashtags, and more. 7. Real-Time Collaboration: We took a playbook from Figma, UNUM supports real-time syncing and collaboration so you can work with anyone (anywhere) at any time. 8. And many, many more tools: From background remover to borders and overlays to caption and hashtag bookmarks, to-do list, autoposting, and more for you to discover. and hopefully many more tools coming based on your feedback ❤️