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Unofficial Product Hunt Chrome Plugin

Streak reminder and dark mode

Do you feel anxious about losing your Product Hunt daily streak šŸ˜°? Does switching between light and dark mode windows hurt your eyes? Good news, the Unofficial Product Hunt Plugin will keep your blood pressure down and help reduce eye strains šŸ˜Ž.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunters šŸ‘‹ Firstly, let me just say how much I love the community here ā¤. I love how supportive all of you are! A few months ago, I was too shy to join any tech community, but the positive vibes here changed my mind. So, to give back to this lovely community, I made a Chrome plugin that makes Product Hunt more fun. This release offers two features: ā° Streak reminder. If the plugin hasn't seen your activity by the end of the day (with a buffer of a few hours), it will send you a reminder email. šŸŒ™ Dark mode The next release will address things that sadden me about PH: spam, bots, and cheating. It will: šŸ“ˆ Help you easily make LinkedIn and X connections, enhancing your reach šŸ“Š Provide analytics: a chart that shows your growth on PH āœ‰ļø Support DM functionality that's not prone to spam abuse (still undecided on this one - what do you think?) I hope these features that help people grow organically will reduce their temptation to spam and cheat. I'm looking forward to your input and feedback. What PH improvement features would you like to have, and why? Your support means the world to me! šŸ™