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Hello Product Hunters! And a big thank you to Csaba Kissi for being the Hunter 🙏 Almost 2 years ago I've released but only now getting around to launching it on Product Hunt (shipping as a dad of 3 is definitely not easy at all! Gotta try our best right?) So what does Tweet AI do? Tweet AI comes with a Google-featured Chrome extension that's seamlessly integrated with Twitter / X user interface to help inspire your replies and timeline tweets in a single click ✨ How can Tweet AI help you? - Boost engagement on Twitter (ahem, now X) - Boost brand awareness - Inspire your replies on X with GPT-4 - Inspire your timeline tweets (ahem, posts) - Inspire threads / long form content - Rewrite old content to breathe new life into it It helps me a lot, and I hope it'll help you as much as it helps me. Any and all support much appreciated, always here to help so just let me know 🙏 PS: Enjoy the coupon, that's the best I could do as the plans are very generous and GPT-4 is currently expensive, there are only 30 coupons and the code is valid for a week only.