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The in-app community platform for SaaS companies

Create community forums, customer feedback boards, knowledge bases, roadmap displays, change logs, feature request boards, bug reporting forms, academies, technical documentation hubs, and online events - in one centralised hub that embeds in your application.

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Hey PH fam 👋 Today, I'm super excited to bring Turf to the wider tech & startup community around the world! 🌎 Let's zoom out for a bit. Don't you agree that we're living in the golden age of SaaS, with new products popping up daily? And when throw AI into the mix, the sheer number of software products being created around the world is off the charts. But here's the million-dollar question: when building a product gets this easy, how do you keep your users retained/engaged and coming back for more? Enter Turf: the in-app community platform built specifically for SaaS companies. 🚀 Why am I so hyped about Turf? Because I don't think I've seen a community product with THIS MUCH FIREPOWER in recent years. The feature set included is just impressive. You'll have to see for yourself. The best way I can describe it is: Imagine having a Swiss Army knife for user engagement. From forums to feedback boards, knowledge bases, roadmaps, change logs, academies - Turf's got it all. And the fun part? It's all wrapped up in a super simple embeddable widget that lives right inside your SaaS app. This was a very novel execution to me when I first saw it. And there's one additional power feature that stuck with me. Turf isn't just about building communities - it's about measuring their impact. 📊 Turf gives you the analytics to tie community engagement directly to your bottom line. Churn reduction? User activation? Revenue growth? Turf's got you covered. I recently got a sneak peek of Turf's demo from the founders and it was incredible. The team behind it really gets the unique challenges SaaS companies face. They've been there, done that, and now they're solving a problem we've all been grappling with. Big shoutout to the Turf team (Olivier & Tim) who are here today 😀 Check out the tool and feel free to drop any comments, questions or suggestions below ⤵️