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Hey, tech enthusiasts! 🙌 I'm Dan, the creator of TopTool. I've developed a global multilingual tools directory so that people all over the world can find the best tools on the market for their needs. 😉 🤔 Why TopTool? - Like and Save: Easily save your favourite products with our intuitive upvoting and saving features for future access. - Find the Best: Navigate through thousands of competitors to discover and choose the best tool tailored to your needs. - Discover in Your Language: Explore tools in your native language, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. 👨‍💻 Are you a developer? Imagine how much traffic you lose each year by only advertising in English. That's a lot of traffic and potential customers. I understand that all of you are super busy making amazing tools, so you can submit your product with just a link, and it will be automatically translated into the 10 most popular languages absolutely for free. I would be really grateful for any feedback or advice. 🙏