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ThriveStack v0.1

Self service infrastructure for the product-led era

Our mission is to make PLG self-serve easy. 👨‍💻 Engineers enable self-service & analytics with low-code orchestrations. 📈 Growth teams gain PLG insights. 🤝 GTM teams drive engagement with PLG CRM tools. All within a comprehensive platform

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🚀 Hey Product Hunt Community! Gururaj here, the founder of ThriveStack. We’re on a mission to help SaaS builders thrive with self-service products. 🎯 We understand that Building a SaaS product is hard. And building for Product-Led Growth is even harder. It shouldn’t be. ⚠ Users prefer self-discovery over sales interactions. We’re in the era of self-service. SaaS builders struggle to respond to this demand. Building self-serve products (especially for B2B) shouldn't take $1-3 million and over 1.5 years to develop; only to double that effort in driving growth (both in terms of engagement and revenue) through the integration of more than 30 different tools. 📢 Announcing ThriveStack (↗️, the dawn of the seamless integrated SaaS growth infrastructure ✨ThriveStack equips SaaS builders with tools that facilitate user signup, product trial, purchase, and operating Self-Serve on a large scale - seamless integrated and enabling Engineering, Growth analytics and GTM teams in a multi-player mode. How does this work? -- 1️⃣ Rapid Self-Serve Setup: Using Low-code orchestration tooling, Engineers enable your product for self-service - allowing your end-users to sign up, try, and engage with your product within hours, not months. 2️⃣ Instant PLG Insights: Self-Service produces telemetry and out-of-the-box PLG analytics from day one. Growth teams don't have to wait 6-12 months for telemetry and data warehousing. 3️⃣ Bottom-Up CRM for GTM teams: Know and segment users and accounts right from launch. How to experience it? -- We are enabling multiple ways for you to experience the product, right from our home page ( Interactive demo, In-app product demo and of course sign up and try by integrating with your Saas application. Please support us on our journey by upvoting, trying the product, and providing feedback. Let’s make product-led growth (PLG) simpler. 🙌 My team and I are available to answer any queries you have. Thank you again for collaborating with us. 🎉