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The Pattern 5.0

Feel seen and understood on a deeper level

The Pattern offers a detailed guide to your personality, helping you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level.

Top comment

New in the Pattern v5.0... a TikTok-style vertical feed and... DATING. Release notes Enjoy more personalized audios, as well as additional insights about your romantic relationships. We are sending out monthly moon journeys, as well as astrology classes that help you go deeper into what’s behind the information or meditate with 360 immersive audios, and so much more. What everyone gets for free: - Daily personalized updates about you and your romantic partner or friends - Bonds that you can view to explore your compatibility with anyone - Access to some of our content library, including chapters of Cosmic Climate What our subscribers enjoy: - Unlimited access to entire content library - Unlimited access to audios, podcasts, and 360 immersive sound meditations - Traveling through time, which allows you to see how your life has been impacted during key moments in your life, both in the past and future - Running unlimited bonds with anyone in your friends list or in our extensive public figures database - Classes in Astrology 101, to master all things astrology in understandable terms - Full access to our Connect dating feature to find and chat with your perfect match