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The Leap by Thinkific

The all-in-one creator store made for selling on social

The Leap is a ridiculously simple platform with everything you need — and nothing you don't — when it comes to selling digital products. Turn your followers into customers, engage with your audience directly, and build binge-able learning products in minutes.

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Hey everyone — Matt here, Co-Founder of Thinkific. Since launching The Leap's beta last October, our team has learned a lot and has been busy building something even bigger. Today I’m excited to announce the official launch of The Leap, the all-in-one creator store made for selling digital products to mobile audiences. During the beta, we introduced new, game-changing features like customizable store themes and email marketing, plus dozens of enhancements to make your creator journey successful. At The Leap, we believe that social-first creators need a different approach than what’s offered by traditional creator platforms. Social audiences deserve social products (and experiences). That’s why The Leap helps you create a seamless, mobile journey that lets your followers engage and buy all in one place. With The Leap, you can: 🔗 Turn followers into customers. Your link-in-bio becomes a mobile-optimized store where all of your products and services are brought together in one central hub. 💌 Connect with your audience directly. Bypass social media platforms and their fickle algorithms with built-in email marketing features like flows and broadcasts. ✨ Build bite-sized products with AI. Create digital products that feel like watching an Instagram Story — and are just as binge-able! Our data shows that creators who have mobile products earn 64% more 🤯 than creators selling standalone ebooks, templates, and other digital downloads. The best part? We're offering full functionality on the Free plan and you keep 100% of what you earn. More than 25,000 creators have already used The Leap to build and sell digital products. Give The Leap a try at and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to see what you build! -Matt