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Storipress Prophet

Transform your blog into a lead-gen engine

Skyrocket your blog's lead gen potential. Prophet uses AI to build lead profiles of your blog readers, get their emails, and personalize outreach at scale.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunt! 👋 Alex here, co-founder and CEO of Storipress. I'm thrilled to introduce Prophet, a game-changer for turning your blog into a powerful sales machine. 🚀 As a content creator myself, I've always struggled with converting my blog readers into customers. That's why we built Prophet – to help businesses like yours (and mine!) unlock the true potential of their content. 📈 With Prophet, you can: ✅ Build accurate lead profiles based on reader engagement ✅ Collect emails effortlessly with smart content gating ✅ Send highly personalized outbound emails based on your reader’s behavior that get results We've seen response rates as high as 30% with Prophet – that's 30x the industry average! 🤯 Our fully remote team of 7, spanning San Francisco and Taiwan, has poured our hearts into making Prophet the ultimate tool for content-driven sales. And here's a special treat for the PH community: use the promo code PH4LIFE our Founder's Edition Plan! 🎉 I'll be hanging out in the comments all day to answer your questions and hear your thoughts. Let's revolutionize content marketing together! 🙌 P.S. What's your biggest challenge when it comes to converting blog readers into customers? Let me know in the comments, and I'll share some tips!