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Stockle 2.0

The modern way to connect investments

Stockle is the next-gen investment management tool that connects retail investor’s visions to one seamless operable unit. Manage, track and optimise investments with detailed analytics, seamless user experience and powerful automation. Get access for free!

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Hey Product Hunt community! I'm Joonatan, one of the two founders and developers of Stockle. Along with Rasmus, we've been bootstrapping Stockle for over 1.5 years, while serving hundreds of investors across the globe. The idea to build Stockle came from the simple fact that brokerages are not keen on making investment management enjoyable. Having limited tools and multiple brokerages at your service makes investing confusing and distracts you from your long-term focus. With Stockle, we've aimed to solve these issues. We've put huge amounts of effort on making it the best and most enjoyable way to manage and analyse your investments on a single platform. We hope that Stockle can serve every investor, regardless of their skills or expertise, and work as their trusted companion in the ever-changing markets. We're happy to receive your feedback and comments on what you think of Stockle!