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Solo AI Website Creator

Beautiful, no-code websites for solopreneurs

Solo will instantly create a beautiful website so you can grow your business. Solo can use your existing business or social presence (e.g. Yelp, Facebook) to create your new website. Only with Solo, connect and host a custom domain for free.

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Hi all 👋🏽 I'm Raj, Co-Builder of Solo AI Website Creator. Excited to share the launch of Solo with the Product Hunt community! Freelancing and side hustles are the fastest growing business segment in the world but setting up a website when you’re ready to grow is still hard. I know this first-hand — during the pandemic, I wanted to set up a simple website to offer free chess tutoring but realized there was no easy way to do so. Not to mention, it’d have cost at least $20 a month plus other fees! With Solo, we wanted to make building a website easy, fast, beautiful and free. By using AI to help craft the content and curate the images, we are democratizing access to solopreneurs so you can focus on building your business. Out of the gate, Solo has the key features you need to grow your business: 🎨 Create a beautiful website by answering just a few simple questions ➡️ Import reviews and more from your existing web presence 💬 A contact form so your customers can contact you 📈 Configure your Google Analytics so you can see your traffic as you grow 📅 Add a scheduling link such as Calendly so customers can book with you 🖼️ Personalize by uploading your custom images or search via our Unsplash catalog 🌐 Connect and host your custom domain entirely for free We hope you give Solo a try and if you have any feedback, please contact me at [email protected]. I'll also be around to answer any questions.