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Connect daily work with performance

Shram is a gamified work management tool. Not only can you manage projects and tasks but also get real-time reports on each team member's performance. Your productivity is no longer based on number hours worked, but your outcome.

Top comment

Hi everyone! I am super-excited to share Shram with the Product Hunt community today! 😄 Work management tools are boring and tedious. Most people hate logging in their daily tasks because they are already communicating them over Slack / WhatsApp. So unless pushed by managers, they have little motivation to update their work. ⛔️ As a result, 25% of employees quit their jobs because their efforts are not recognised at work! To solve this we built Shram, to make boring work management fun, engaging and meaningful. How? ❇️ Tasks are the most basic building blocks of work on Shram to keep it simple for everyone. ❇️ Each task has an approval cycle where you can rate how well it was done by the assignee right before marking it as complete (like rating an Uber ride) ❇️ Completing tasks rewards you with XP and each member must maintain a green XP bar to indicate good performance (this bar resets every week) We believe that tasks we do reflect a lot about the people behind them. Overtime, they yield rich insights on improving productivity and transparency in teams. If you have tried conventional tools but could not stick with them, Shram could be a game-changer for you! It boosts team engagement with: ✅ Instant delight, due to workplace gamification, and ✅ Long-term meaning, thanks to our ability to link daily work with performance As a manager, you can spend more time on your real work instead of pushing your team to log-in their daily tasks into boring tools. As an employee, it could be a fun way of nudging yourself in performing better while documenting your contributions!💪 Shram is meant to be a warm blanket instead of a pair of eyes staring through your privacy at work. Here are a few other cool things about Shram: ⏳⁠ ⁠No timers - Instead we record time as your interact with tasks in the background ✨ ⁠AI-suggestions - While delegating work, you are shown the ideal assignee & deadline 💬 ⁠Instant feedback - While rating, you can also share feedback for each task completed ❌⁠ ⁠No leaderboards - We don't encourage unfriendly competition by ranking scores ☀️⁠ ⁠Beautiful UI - Dynamic and colourful screens to move between relevant screens At present Shram is FREE for use until we release the next version by Aug-end '24. That's because we are already trying to improve the app and its functionalities based on the feedback we have received from our current users. Special thanks to our hunter Rohan Chaubey @rohanrecommends who supported us for this launch. 💪 With this launch, we are primarily looking to gauge the community's sentiment around this idea and also constructive criticism to do better. We look forward to your comments. Thank you for this opportunity! ⭐️