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Incentivization platform to acquire, onboard & engage users

Shoutout's all in one growth automation platform enables you to incentivize any customer actions with rewards like discounts, free-trials, cash credits and custom offers, to drive your growth campaigns on auto pilot. Time to take your growth from X to 10X! 🚀

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Hey Product Hunters 👋 I'm Vaibhav, the creator of Shoutout. I'm super excited (and honestly, a bit jittery!) to introduce Shoutout to you all today—after months of caffeine-fuelled nights and brainstorming sessions, it feels great to finally hit "launch." The idea for Shoutout grew from a simple frustration: After launching my previous startup, we saw an immediate influx of users because it solved a significant pain point. However, our free-to-paid conversion rate was consistently under 5%. This got me thinking: how can we get more value from our customers? So, I decided to incentivize them to post about my product on LinkedIn by offering a free subscription for 15 days. Building this incentivization platform internally was quite a task, and that’s when I decided to turn it into a product itself. And hence, Shoutout was born. Shoutout does exactly that: 🎉 Customers engage by writing reviews, creating user generated content, pulling in new users. 🎉 Customers get motivated to take certain actions like - Book demo’s, upvote your product, fill form responses, engage with your team. 🎁 In return, they get free subscriptions, extended trials, exclusive discounts, or even cash credits. 🚀 It's a win-win: users get more from products they love, and businesses achieve more acquisition & engagement from customers. The best part, this all happens on auto-pilot. Why I believe Shoutout outshines traditional marketing: → Authentic voices resonate louder than polished ads. → Itʼs cost-effective—spend less while gaining more. Engagement boosts community spirit and brand loyalty. Iʼm hopeful that Shoutout will help businesses redefine growth and forge stronger connections with their customers. I will be here all day to answer any questions and soak up all the feedback you've got. If you want to take a quick walkthrough, I’d love to give you a demo. Can't wait to see how you grow with Shoutout!📣