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Build headless Shopify stores in Webflow

Shopyflow enables you to build, publish and maintain advanced headless Shopify stores in Webflow, all without writing a single line of code. It seamlessly combines the strengths of both platforms to offer you the ultimate e-commerce development experience.

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👋 Hi Product Hunt! I’m Aras. I'm one of the co-founders of Fünf - a small digital design studio with passion for creating innovative digital products and web experiences. After an intensive six-month beta stage, we're thrilled to launch Shopyflow - the ultimate fusion of Webflow and Shopify's powers! We're grateful for the invaluable feedback and support we've received from our amazing beta testers, who have helped shape it into what it is today! Shopyflow is currently powering over 60 live e-commerce stores. 💡 The vision behind Shopyflow Crafting a unique Shopify store has always been challenging. Store owners had to choose between costly, complex methods for full customization or simpler pre-built solutions. This struggle is shared by tech-savvy individuals and agencies dealing with limitations from existing options. Each approach has its advantages and drawbacks, making it suitable for specific scenarios. 👉 Who Shopyflow is for Shopyflow is designed for Webflow developers, agencies, and merchants who are looking to create highly customized and visually stunning Shopify stores. With Shopyflow, merchants gain unprecedented flexibility and control over their online stores, while developers enjoy enhanced capabilities and new revenue opportunities. - Webflow developers & agencies: With Shopyflow, Webflow developers gain access to vast opportunities in the Shopify market without the need to learn a new stack. - Shopify store owners: Shopyflow empowers merchants to effortlessly and affordably create immersive, brand-centric shopping experiences with shorter turnaround times. Shopify store owners gain access to unparalleled customization, simplified management, and enhanced performance for their store, along with one of the most vibrant global web designer/developer ecosystems for their ongoing maintenance needs. - Shopify developers & agencies: Shopyflow streamlines the development process for Shopify developers, eliminating the need for manual data entry and tedious code customization. With Shopyflow, developers can build and manage Shopify stores more efficiently, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality solutions to their clients. ⚙️ Key features of Shopyflow - Seamless integration: Configure and manage your e-commerce store in Shopify while building and maintaining the customer-facing elements in Webflow. - Real-time data sync: Sync product information from Shopify to Webflow CMS for instant updates and seamless content management. - Customizable store components: Design and customize product pages, cart pages, bundles, cross-sells, and customer account pages using native Webflow elements. - Advanced e-commerce features: Enjoy features like subscriptions, multi-currency support, and sub-products for added flexibility. - 5-star documentation and support: We have prepared an extensive documentation along with in-depth video guides that will make your on-boarding process as smooth as possible. You can also join 500 fellow Shopyflow users on our Discord server and get instant answers to your questions. Looking forward to your feedback in the thread! Aras