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Email signatures marketing on autopilot

Email signatures marketing on auto-pilot. Install and update team signatures in one click. Promote your brand with CTA and banners. Boost lead generation by up to 14%. Email Signatures were boring and ugly. We made them Smart & Sexy. Just like you.

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Clement, co-founder at Scribe. Today, we're super excited to launch the new Scribe to help you install and update email signature marketing in just one click across your team 🚀 💌 Why Scribe? 1. Managing email signatures is a pain: • Creating a decent design that represents your brand. • Have signatures that work across all email clients and browsers and don't end up in spam because they are images and not HTML. • Keeping brand consistency across the team and avoiding outdated information. • Getting people to install and update their signatures. (Stop being the most ignored person in your Slack) 2. Email signature is an untapped marketing channel: • On average companies send 1 million emails annually for every 100 employees. That's a lot of interaction with your brand image and as many opportunities to promote it. • With Scribe it becomes effortless to unlock free ad impressions in every email sent by your team by adding calls to action and promotional banners. 💌 What can Scribe do for you? In 10 minutes, you can: • Create modern email signatures that match your branding. • Sync your teammates and auto-fill their signature information using your favorite tool (Google Workspace, Microsoft Azure AD, Bamboo HR, Okta, Hibob, Rippling, etc...) • Install and update their signatures in one click in Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, Salesforce, Front, and SalesLoft. • Schedule marketing campaigns across your team's signatures. No action from your teammates is needed. They won't even know Scribe exists. Everything is centrally automated and managed on your side. 💌 After 10 minutes, you'll get: • New modern email signatures running to promote your brand. • A new marketing channel easily added to your email that you're using every day All of this at a no-brainer price. 💌 How much does Scribe cost? We have plans for all business sizes, starting with a 7-day free trial. No card is required. Unlimited signatures and users. Try all Scribe features for yourself. After 7 days, if you're happy with Scribe, you can choose from our plans: - Free plan (up to 3 users). - Plus plan at $1.20 per user/month. - Business plan at $1.60 per user/month. - Enterprise with volume discounts for 400+ users. 🌍 Scribe and the Planet To play our part in addressing climate change, we direct 1% of our revenue to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies through Stripe Climate, aiming to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. We hope you enjoy using the new Scribe. All your feedback is welcome 🎉