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The smarter, faster way to job search

Ribbon: Your AI-powered Career Coach. Chat with Ribbon for personalized advice or craft standout applications for FREE. Build your unique profile, tailor resumes, ace interviews, and land your dream job the smart way. Supercharge your job search with Ribbon.

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Hey Hunters! 👋 All of us at Ribbon are thrilled to share our release with you! We know how tough the job market is today so its even more important we share what we’ve been up to as a team. Ribbon is here to help make your job search faster and take your career to the next level. Ribbon is 100% free to get started. Whether you’ve been affected by mass layoffs or just not getting the interviews you want, this is your sign to try our digital career coach: Chat AI. It’s here to help you with any career questions you have and all Chat AI answers are tailored to your professional experiences on your Ribbon profile and documents like resumes, cover letters, etc. Try some examples like: *”Write me a resignation letter for my current job.” ”What are the best cities for my skill set?” ”How do I negotiate a higher salary?”* And that’s not all! In addition to Chat AI, we have more AI-powered tools to enhance your resume, prepare you for interviews, and recommend job opportunities you’d be great at. Ribbon is a comprehensive job search experience, from making the best job applications to negotiating better job offers, contracts, and much more. The sk-AI is the limit! ☁️ We’re excited to hear your feedback and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter! — Arsham and the Ribbon Team