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All-in-one tool to create viral short videos

Turn ideas into short-form content for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Drop a link or an idea, and our AI crafts the video. No skills needed, from initial script to final cut. Tweak endlessly with our powerful editor. Make scroll-stopping content, fast.

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👋 Hey Product Hunters, thanks for checking my launch ❤️ 9 months ago, I started working on Typeframes. People loved it, but I noticed something interesting — people used it for short videos. It was not built for that. So, I went back to coding, forked Typeframes, and created, a premium ALL-IN-ONE tool to find inspiration, create, edit, and publish short videos. Here’s what it can do: 🔍 Search viral videos for inspiration ✍️ Generate high-quality scripts 🎥 Create faceless content with AI-generated footage or stock videos ✂️ Repurpose any content (YouTube, tweets, LinkedIn, blogs) 🤳 Record yourself & easily keep the best parts 💭 Add synced captions in 100+ languages 🗣️ Generate lifelike, hyper-realistic voiceovers 🎨 Overlay animations, stickers, transitions and effects 🤖 Auto-generate content every day & get it delivered straight to your inbox 📤 Schedule & publish content across multiple platforms in 1-click Every day, I’m blown away by what our users create. I would love to see what you can do. 🎁 Special for PH: We’re giving 10 extra credits to everyone coming from Product Hunt. Just hop into, start creating and share your thoughts with us! We’re craving for feedback on how we can make the product better. Thank you, Product Hunters. You rock 🙏 Tibo