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Outreach personalization: videos, images, texts at scale

AI-powered personalization for dynamic outreach using your prospects data. Boost engagement, get more replies & book more meetings without compromising deliverability. Maximise your impact, minimise your effort.

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👉 Hey everyone, I'm thrilled to share what's been happening since our last launch on Product Hunt. When we started RepliQ, our mission was simple: to help entrepreneurs, agencies, and business owners get more replies and book more meetings through their outreach efforts. We kicked things off with personalized videos at scale – a tool that allowed users to record just one video and have it duplicated into many. But as demands evolved, so did we. We listened to your feedback and made some exciting additions: 💡 AI avatars to eliminate the need to record videos, creating them through text instead with your talking photo. 💡 Text to Videos that feature prospects' LinkedIn profile pictures and variables at scale, adding a personal touch. 💡 Personalized lines adapt the copy to each lead, increasing deliverability and engagement. 💡 Our newest feature creates personalized AI images from prompts, taking personalization to the next level. RepliQ is a growth hacking tool uniquely positioned to add personalized elements based on your prospect's data, boosting your results in your cold outreach efforts. Multiply your impact on cold email and LinkedIn DM, while minimising your time and effort. 💭 I'm excited to hear your thoughts and answer any questions. Let's make outreach easier and more effective together! Cheers 🍻 ps : steal our cold outreach strategies here : On our Youtube : On our blog :