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Instantly generate release notes from Jira tickets generates stunning release notes from Jira tickets. Reducing the time it takes to craft and publish release notes from hours to minutes.

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Hey folks 👋, Do you love writing release notes? Neither did we! That's why we built an app that writes release notes for you. Based on your Jira tickets! Here is how it works: 1️⃣ Compile your changelist Find relevant Jira issues fast, with powerful filters and smart defaults. Whether you are using versions, continuously deliver updates or simply want to write about a single epic or idea. 2️⃣ Generate your release notes Craft your release notes in just one click, with AI-powered templates. 3️⃣ Share it! Share your updates with internal stakeholders via Slack or Confluence, or embed them into your website or app for your customers to see. 📦 Here is what's in the box: ✨ AI Copywriter (with GPT-4 support) ✨ AI Templates ✨ Issue level AI prompt customization ✨ Jira issue links in release notes ✨ Support for Youtube, Loom and self hosted videos ✨ Embeddable pages and widgets ✨ UI Designer ✨ Internationalized in 6 languages ✨ Publish to your website, app, Confluence, Slack... ✨ Integrations: Scroll Viewport, Refined, Framer, Webflow... Download Released on the Atlassian marketplace and take it for a spin.