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Relai Lightning Wallet

Send and receive lightning fast Bitcoin payments.

We are bringing lightning-fast Bitcoin payments to 100,000 Europeans: send and receive instant payments using bitcoin's lightning network. True to Relai's ethos, our Lightning integration is non-custodial - giving you full control over your Bitcoin.

Top comment

Hey PH community! 👋 We are bringing lightning fast bitcoin payments to 100,000 Europeans! ⚡⚡⚡ At Relai, we always seek ways to make "Bitcoining" easier. And that's why we’re excited to announce the integration of Lightning Wallet into the Relai app. But how do we make this happen? We've partnered with Blockstream and Breez, Bitcoin and Lightning infrastructure leaders. What's Lightning, you might ask? The Lightning Network (LN) is an innovative system that makes Bitcoin transactions fast. Like, real fast. Here are the benefits Lightning brings: - Fast and cheap microtransactions - It's better for the Bitcoin network. Because it reduces the number of transactions processed on the main Bitcoin blockchain This means Relai users can now send and receive Bitcoin faster AND cheaper. All of this without compromising the principles of decentralization. Basically, Lightning is magic 🪄 What are the key benefits of Lighting for YOU as a Relai user? ⚡ Lightning fast payments - Bitcoin transactions with Relai are now super-fast! 🫰 Reduced Fees - Cheap micropayments 🏦 Non-Custodial - You are always in full control of your funds Have a question? Leave your feedback below - it helps us improve this Beta launch (we reply to everyone)! Please note: the Relai app is available on Android across 23 European countries, the iOS app is currently available in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.