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Listen to your X feed like an audio newsletter

Readsss: Your AI-powered audio newsletter for X. Stay updated on your favorite people while driving or multitasking. We convert tweets to audio, delivering a daily personalized digest. Save time, stay informed, and consume content hands-free.

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Hey Product Hunt community! 👋 I'm thrilled to introduce Readsss to you today. As a solo founder and long-time content consumer, I've always struggled with staying up-to-date while on the go. That's why I created Readsss - to transform how busy professionals consume content from their favorite thought leaders on X (formerly Twitter). 🎧 Why Readsss? 1) Time-Saving: Convert scrolling time into productive listening time. 2) Stay Informed: Never miss important updates from your curated list of influencers. 3) Multitasking Friendly: Perfect for commutes, workouts, or any hands-free moment. 4) Personalized: Your favorite X accounts, your personalized audio digest. 5) Safe & Legal: No more dangerous scrolling while driving! 🚀 The Journey: Building Readsss has been an exciting ride. From idea to launch, it's been a process of learning, iterating, and pushing boundaries. I've leveraged cutting-edge AI tech (GPT-4, audio translation models) to create a seamless experience. 💡 Fun Fact: The idea for Readsss came to me during a long drive when I realized how much valuable content I was missing from my favorite X accounts! 🔮 What's Next: This is just the beginning! I'm excited to keep improving Readsss based on your feedback. Some ideas on the horizon: - Expanded content sources - Enhanced audio quality - More personalization options I'd love to hear your thoughts! What features would make Readsss indispensable for you? Try Readsss today and transform your content consumption. Let's redefine staying informed in our fast-paced world! 🌟